How a Lawyer Prepares An Asbestos/Mesothelioma Injury Case

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Asbestos is a mineral that is naturally occurring. This mineral can be separated into strong, durable fibers, and is often used in house constructions. However, the substance is toxic and can lead to mesothelioma, which is a form of cancer. In such a situation, the affected one will want to file an injury case to get compensation for the damage.

But how do Asbestos lawyers prepare such a case? You’ll find out by reading this article.


To build a strong case in the USA, you and your lawyer will need to gather evidence about asbestos and what led to the medical condition.

However, don’t imagine that it’ll be an adventure to find the actual asbestos. What will happen is that the attorney will ask a lot of questions and request documents. The lawyers that have been hired by the defendants will chronicle things such as your medical history, marriage data, employment, and so on. Meanwhile, the lawyer on the plaintiff’s side is trying to find out who is the culpable party regarding the exposure to asbestos. Through this, both sides will be working to build the case.


After the investigative part, there comes deposition. This consists of some attorneys- either at their office or close to the plaintiff’s home- and asking some questions. The whole process will be recorded on video, and it will only proceed under oath. There will be two rounds of questions, one asked by the defendant’s attorneys, and the other by the plaintiff’s attorneys. 

This whole process usually takes a few hours, but depending on the situation, it may take entire days or weeks. This is why you should look for a lawyer with experience because he/she will make sure not interfere with your personal schedule and make the deposition as smooth as possible. 

Health Condition

Sometimes, the client’s health may not be in the best condition, and if things are not too bad and there is no rush with medical care, the process may take longer. Conversely, if there is a medical emergency and the client needs care, then the case can take fewer months.

Behind the Scenes

Aside from these parts of the case preparation, there are other things are taking place behind the curtains. Some investigators contact people in the client’s life, such as co-workers, look for company records, review depositions, etc. Whereas this is a time-consuming task, these lawyers make sure to go through even hundreds of pages to find relevant information that may help. Everything goes to establishing a strong case.

Final Thoughts

Are you or is someone you know suffering after being in contact with asbestos? Then inform yourself about how preparations are taking place and how long it takes. Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the matter.

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