Top 6 Things You Shouldn’t Say To An Employment Lawyer

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Imagine this: you have a legal claim against your employer, and you need to talk to an attorney. Therefore, you contact a labor and employment law firm and you’re being connected with a lawyer. What do you tell them? Do you complain about the price of their services? Or about the other unsuccessful attempts to hire a lawyer?

Definitely not. Those are things you should avoid if you want to find a lawyer willing to work for you in the USA. So what are the things you should refrain from saying? 

  • I forgot my appointment!

Lawyers are busy. When they’re not working on your case, they’re likely to deal with someone else’s. With that said, if you’re not able to respect their availability, then don’t expect them to help you out. Not being able to attend is alright, but tell them beforehand so they can reorganize their schedule.

  • My last lawyer tried to force a low offer on me!

This thing will be hardly believable to another lawyer. An attorney aims to give you the best settlement, so it’s impossible to force you to take a bad offer. Saying this can easily put off your new lawyer and make them unwilling to work with you.

  • Your price is too high.

Never tell a lawyer that their fee is too high. These individuals spend years polishing their skills and gaining knowledge, so it’s in their right to set a fair fee for it. If you’re not able to pay for it, then try another lawyer, but don’t blame an attorney for respecting themselves and the time they spend to become who they are.

  • This is an easy win for you.

This is another thing that may make the new layer run for the hills. There’s no such thing as an easy win in employment law. The lawyer will surely work hard to win the case for you, but you can’t tell if it’s a guarantee. Moreover, your case may not be that strong if you need a lawyer in the first place.

  • You’re the 10th lawyer I’m interviewing!

Do you think that complaining about your failed attempts at hiring a lawyer will make a good impression? On the contrary, it can give off red flags, and the attorney will choose to not work with you. By saying this, you are pretty much saying “I am not capable to work with lawyers.”

  • Your staff told me something else.

It’s unbelievable that the staff and the lawyer will communicate different things. They talk behind the scenes, and always find out if a potential client is a liar or not. Refrain from using this sentence, or you’ll have no success finding an attorney for your case.

Finding a good lawyer is tough enough as it is, so don’t ruin your chances even more. Therefore, avoid doing the things mentioned in this article, and you won’t be frowned upon.

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