5 Things You Should NOT Do After a Car Accident

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Even though car accidents can be an overwhelming experience, you must keep your cool and do the right things. 

If you want to protect your legal rights and avoid being denied a claim, there are also some things NOT to do after being involved in a crash in the USA.

You may know exactly what the steps are, such as seeking medical treatment or contacting your insurance company, but at the moment it happens, you may forget to do some things or start doing those that should be avoided at all costs.

Therefore, let’s talk about five of the things that you must NOT do after a car accident!

Leaving the Scene of the Accident

This is influenced by the laws in your state. For example, the law of most states requires not to leave the scene of the accident, even if they need medical assistance, as the police will dispatch medical personnel.

However, there are states in which you can leave the scene to get to the hospital; still, it is not recommended. 

Forgetting to Call the Police

Most people think that if nobody is hurt, then it is okay to not call the police. This is, obviously, not true. You should always alert the authorities, no matter how petty the accident was.

The police will arrive on the scene and write a police report that will be very useful when determining who is responsible for the collision. A police report may stand as proof for the insurance company dealing with your claim or in a possible lawsuit.

Admitting Fault

Obviously, it is important to be honest about what happened, but it is also crucial not to admit that you are to blame for the accident. Either at the scene or when talking with an insurance provider, never admit that it was your error.

Such statements can be used by insurance companies, mainly to avoid paying you for any damage that has been caused in the accident. Also, if the other driver hears you admitting fault, they may mention this in court or such to avoid paying any damages, if that’s the case.

Neglecting the Aftermath

Most people think that they’re done with the car accident as soon as they’re out of harm’s way. If they are not injured, they’ll just let the insurance company deal with the paperwork while they go on with their lives.

However, it is recommended to seek a medical examination. You will also have to contact your insurance provider, as well as the providers of the other involved parties.

If you do not handle the aftermath, you may find yourself in a worse situation than the crash itself. A car accident lawyer will always tell you to deal with such issues as soon as possible.

Refusing to Hire a Lawyer

Refusing to hire a lawyer means that you will most likely file a lawsuit on your own or enter into an unfair settlement agreement. Both mean that you will lose the claim and the money you may be entitled to.

Statistics show that people filing lawsuits on car accidents on their own receive roughly 70% less money once the court settles the case. The same applies to settlements – you may be happy with the initial sum offered, but it has been proven that an experienced attorney lawyer can significantly increase that sum and get a better outcome.

The Bottom Line

These five points you should not do after a car accident directly influence you in the long term. Their main affect will be seen on your insurance claim or lawsuit.

To make sure that you do everything that’s required after a car accident, it is important to call your insurance company as soon as possible or obtain a car accident lawyer to call in case of an emergency.

Long story short, whether it is your fault or not, avoid doing the mentioned above behavior in a car accident – you can do so by keeping calm and thinking rationally!

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