Why You Should Never Settle Your Accident Case Without Consulting a Lawyer First

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Small Amounts by Design

It’s shocking, yes, but believe it or not: insurance companies exist to protect themselves, not so much their clients. The game is about business, and to stay in business, companies must avoid shelling out the big bucks whenever possible.  What does that mean for you—the little guy, injured in an accident, in search of compensation?  It means that if you don’t have a skilled attorney wizened to this game that has insurance companies stuck in the mix then you’re going to find yourself accepting a small payout when it could easily be more. 

Insurance companies are fortified with the resources to offer—and if needed, forcefully “encourage”—the injured parties to accept the minimum amount of compensation from an accident case.  Insurance lawyers equipped with years of experience, sharp tongues spouting convincing diatribes, and the skill sets needed to construct a case against you to slap you with the minimum amount—or nothing at all.  So, what to do?  The answer is simple: do the same.

Settling Without Consulting Means Losing More

The injuries you have succumbed to from your accident are what has driven you to seek out compensation—whether it is loss of wages, a clear struggle with mental or physical health, emotional toil over a forced lifestyle change, or the different manifestations of pain that have risen from the accident.  These issues, regardless of how big or small they may feel to other people, need to be treated right away, for your own wellbeing and for your loved ones who care for you.

Compensation is not only fair, but it will help set your life back into place, especially if injuries obtained are critically hindering.  Consulting a lawyer early on can allow you to build a case to seek out the most successful outcome, which subsequently means relinquishing yourself of medical debt and addressing detrimental injuries before they worsen.  Without speaking to legal representation, you assume the amount offered is fair, but it could put you in the hole faster as insurance companies tend to offer very little in terms of a settlement.  A skilled lawyer will fight for more, ensuring a better future for you and your loved ones.

Hire Your Own Arsenal

Don’t go into battle ill equipped or the results will be more injuries than you started with.  Fight fire with fire by hiring your own lawyer, one with matched experience to rival those of an insurance company or the legal representation the at-fault party has rallied to their cause.  Your accident attorney will utilize their own background and education in the court system to investigate, research, and build a case in order to strive to achieve the maximum compensation allowed for your compensation.

What you can do with your compensation is treat your injuries from the accident properly.  A small settlement, which is what the insurance company or at-fault party will want you to accept, will likely not cover the medical bills quickly mounting as you treat your injuries.  Medical bills are responsible for the debt that millions of Americans struggle with each day, worsening as they continue treatments and seek out medical advice for injuries accumulated from accidents similar to yours. 

Achieving the right amount of compensation is the key to freeing yourself from medical debt; to healing yourself from terrible injuries you’ve suffered from an unfortunate accident, and to find your way back to a normal life once again, and hiring an attorney seasoned in accident cases and a veteran of the court system will undoubtedly set you on this path.

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