Four reasons you need the best DWI and DUI lawyer to defend you

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When we hear that someone is facing a DUI or DWI, we take the news seriously. Don’t think “that’s just another charge my DUI lawyer can save me from.” Sources state that over 1,000,000 people face DWI charges in the US. DWI arrests are quite common on Long Island, NY too. And DUI and DWI charges are not as light or easy as you would like to believe. These charges have a long-term impact on a person’s finances, lifestyle, social standing, and professional life. Which is why you need to best DUI lawyer in Long Island to defend your case.

Here are the few ways DWI and DUI charges affect your life in the long run –

  1. Social standing

Your arrest record, mug shot, and jail time will be there in your criminal record for life. People will know what you did and for how long you were in jail. Even if you do not face jail-time, you will have to spend some time in police custody until they finish bringing the charges against you. You might miss work or family engagements for the day. Hiding the fact of your arrest is almost impossible in a small place like Long Island.

  1. Financial impact

You will not only have to hire an experienced attorney, but you will also have to pay the penalties, court charges, impound costs, and license reinstatement costs. Here’s a brief list of the costs you might have to bear after a DUI or DWI arrest –

  • Court costs – $200
  • Impound and tow fee – it can vary between $200 and $800
  • License reinstatement – $125
  • Alcohol treatment – $1000
  • DWI/DUI fines – can vary from $500 to $1000
  • Lawyer – lawyer costs can vary between a couple of hundred to thousands.

Additionally, your jail time and alternate transportation are likely to cost you money in terms of missed hours at work.

  1. Hiked insurance costs

Your insurance costs might go through the roof. You are likely to pay higher auto insurance, health insurance, and home insurance prices. The increase in auto insurance prices is quite understandable after a DWI or DUI accident. Health insurance policies typically cover the cost of accidents that involve alcohol, but they are also likely to increase the premium after such an accident. Homeowner’s insurance prices increase due to the negative effect of the DWI and DUI costs we have discussed in the section above on the credit scores.

  1. License revocation

There are only a few things worse than not having a driver’s license in NY. Public transport is not always the best way to travel to and from the office. It takes more time, and might even cost you more than traveling by car. Losing your driver’s license on Long Island can not only stunt you socially, but it can also hamper your professional progress in the long run. The DMV is likely to revoke or suspend the license for an 80-day minimum for those involved in motor vehicle accidents.

The national average cost of a DUI or DWI that does not involve a near-fatal accident or fatality is around $15,000. Do you really think driving while intoxicated or drunk is worth risking your financial independence and social respect?

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