Why Legal Secretarial Training is important

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A legal secretary’s role is demanding. It requires them to carry out a plethora of different legal procedures including compiling legal documentation, completing legal forms, communicating with various clients, assisting with legal research on cases and much, much more. There are actually a set of guidelines that legal secretaries need to adhere to in order to carry out these tasks correctly.

It’s also advisable that legal secretaries have training in their particular area of law as this can help them to carry out tasks efficiency. This should be ongoing training so that they can continually evolve their knowledge and understanding of the laws in their respective areas.

As with anything, there are a range of different courses and qualifications a legal secretary should look to enrol in, these include;

Legal Secretaries Diploma

You can either have no experience in law at all or be an experience legal secretary looking to attain a formal qualification – the legal secretary diploma is open to both. Courses such as the ACLS’s legal secretary diploma is widely recognised and should be considered (for more information and options visit: https://www.legal-secretary-courses.co.uk/)

Courses such as these will provide valuable legal knowledge and the practical skills required in order to become a competent (qualified) legal secretary.

The ACLS course is the equivalent to a level 3 qualification. Included in a course like this are things such as day-to-day tasks of a legal secretary, varying areas of law and the legal profession – as well as how the court system works. Courses like this will also contain areas like legal terminology (which can be a minefield), legal document production as well as completing legal forms correctly.

Single subject legal courses

Single subject legal courses are suitable perhaps akin to the diploma mentioned above in that it can be used to gain knowledge of a particular field (become a specialist in an area). Again, you wouldn’t need experience for this – however, secretarial skills are a must.

A range of subjects can be found at this level including:

  • Family law
  • Land law
  • Wills, probate
  • Civil litigation

More advanced courses can then be taken to progress you knowledge into other areas – some of these are most popular with legal secretaries and you can see why the need for specialist knowledge is required, these include:

  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Criminal law
  • Conveyancing
  • Administration practice

Legal secretary training is an incredible way to get your foot firmly in the door of law (sorry) and is a great way to become competent in your desired areas of law as well as gain a recognised qualification.

Whether you’re just starting out, or whether you’ve been in a legal secretary role for a while, additional training will only help you to become the best legal secretary as possible – all the while making you an attractive prospect for law firms to employ given that they recognise these qualifications.

Good luck on your legal secretary journey.

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