What’s Crime Really Like in England and Wales in 2018?

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Crime trends in the UK have changed a lot over the years, not least because society altered its habits and technology has become more advanced. Cyber crime was once an alien concept, for example, yet these days it’s one of the biggest challenges faced by the authorities all over the world.

So what has happened to crime in England and Wales? The Office of National Statistics has rounded up some interesting figures for the year of 2018, which will shed some light on the current state of affairs.

Crime in England and Wales

The most notable piece of information from the data is on homicide. Not only has it been on the rise for four consecutive years, it is currently at the highest rate it’s been for a decade, making it stand out against the other crimes which naturally wave up and down over the years.

Murder, manslaughter and infanticide (the killing of infants) is all up there as a rising figure, according to recent data from the Home Office. This figure excludes deaths from terror attacks or major disasters including Hillsborough. Instead, it’s focused on smaller scale homicide.

It’s worth noting that higher rates of homicide actually reflect a higher number of people being caught by the authorities, and this figure is not necessarily connected to the number of homicides actually being committed.

Violent crime has risen

Offences which are based around violence, such as robbery, knife crime and assault, have also been on the rise, contributing to an overall 9% rise in all police recorded crime in England and Wales.

Figures revealed that violent crime is increasing, with a 12% rise in crimes which involved a sharp weapon. Greater Manchester Police has been excluded from these figures, as there was an issue with recorded data and comparability problems, but the figures represent other forces in England and Wales.

Some crimes are falling

While there are some figures on the rise, the released stats do show that some crimes are on the decrease. Computer misuse is down by as much as 30%, which includes various offences including unauthorised acts with intent to commit a further crime, unauthorised acts which create risk of serious damage, and unauthorised acts with intent to impair the operation of the computer.

Bicycle theft is another recorded crime which has fallen in England and Wales in 2018, though the BBC reported that these figures were “pretty high” last year, suggesting it has just evened out.

Been involved in a crime?

If you or someone close to you has been a victim of crime, there are a number of steps you can take. Of course, in an emergency you are advised to call 999, or call the police on 101 in a non emergency.

However, in some cases you might be accused of a crime, in which case you need a criminal defence solicitor. Get in touch with Carter Moore Solicitors and see what help is available.

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