Do you want to immigrate to Ontario? Migration Categories for Ontario Province

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Canada is the most popular destination for immigrants and Ontario is the most crowded province in Canada with more than 13,650,000 people. The province is located in central Canada and also the second-largest province in the country by land area. Toronto is the capital city of Ontario with 6 million populous and is considered as the most multicultural city in the world.

Moreover, being Canada’s main economic center, Ontario is also recognized for its natural diversity, beautiful provincial parks, vast forests, four of the five Great Lakes and the world-famous Niagara falls.  Ontario’s cities allure artists, intellectuals from and entertainers around the world. It also produces prosperity of homegrown talent and provides a flavor of the world within in a city. Toronto immigration lawyer has been flourishing in immigration consultancy from the last 15 years and giving the best assistance in Toronto immigration.

All the immigration policies are established by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Only IRCC decide who can enter into Canada. If you desire to immigrate to Canada, you have to apply through IRCC and the category of application you need is completely depends on which immigration program you desire to apply under. You can apply for permanent residence under the following categories:

  • Canadian Experience Class: The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an immigration program that allows individuals to get permanent residency, who have worked in Canada for last one year. An applicant has to create an online Express Entry profile and enter the pool, where they are assigned a score and ranked under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
  • Federal Skilled Workers: This program is designed by the Federal government to provide permanent residency of Canada to individuals on the basis of their skills and abilities. A Candidate has to create an online Express Entry profile, where the candidate’s application is put in the pool, is given a score and is ranked under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
  • Family Sponsorship: Your relatives can stay study and work in Canada, if they become permanent inhabitants of Canada. You can sponsor certain relatives to visit Canada, if you are at least 18 years old and you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-employed: The Canadian Business Immigration program is designed to influence and facilitate the admission of such individuals who wants to establish their business in Canada. An applicant must have sufficient funds, experience and a plan to meet the eligibility criteria of this program.
  • Provincial Nominees: Provincial nominee programs work differently from Federal Immigration Program Canada and there are many Provinces where you can apply under such as; Nova Scotia PNP, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP),New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program, OINP- Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP), British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) and many more.
  • Skilled Trades Workers: The Federal Skilled Trades program is for the individuals who are qualified trade workers and want to get permanent shelter after receiving an employment offer.
  • Refugees: Canadian government offers refugee protection to a few individuals who fear persecution or would face any risk if they have to depart the country.

You can also apply for temporary residence under the categories such as; Foreign students, Temporary foreign workers and Visitors

Eligibility Criteria

All applications are assessed on specific requirements and regulations. A candidate has to meet certain health and security requirements. For instance, you have to obtain a medical examination or go through a background check to show, if you have any past convictions or arrests. IRCC may also conduct a interview or see other documentation whenever require.



How to Apply

You can apply either from outside or inside Canada depends on the immigration category. For more information about, how to apply and where to send application you can Visit IRCC’s website. Generally, you need to pay a fee for your application, if your application is refused, you will not obtain a refund. All assistance in IRCC offices is free of cost. Besides it, if you are in Canada, you can call the IRCC Call Centre for enquiring about your situation at 1-888-242-2100. You can also get assistance from Immigration Lawyer Toronto.

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