A Plumbers Responsibilities Explained

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Repairing a faucet in a posh office whilst smooth jazz wafts over the intercom may sound like a sweet job, however the rest of the day you may be wedged into a crawl space fixing a broken drainage line, a plumber’s job is all about variety!

This job is all about strength, stamina and the ability to be flexible, you’ll need all of these assets before you pick up a pipe cutter.

Plumbers have a lot of responsibility to uphold, especially when it comes to health and safety. It’s not all about mending leaky pipes or unblocking sinks, maintaining heating systems is also a big part of the job, which involves a lot of work with gas.

Heating systems need constant care as they use a dangerous mix of gas, water and electric. Until a plumber is sure that the system is safe for use, monitoring the pressure and making necessary adjustments are on the cards.

Forget the 9-5, accidents can happen at anytime, including a pipe springing a leak. Yes, you may not be woken at 3 in the morning to unclog a toilet, but if there’s a puddle of water dripping from someone’s bathroom they’re not going to call the police… Situations like this is why some consider the plumber profession an emergency service and is why most plumbers offer a 24-hour callout service.

People skills are a must if you’re looking at this career path, your services are going to be relied on, which is why answering calls to say you’ll be there and then going back to sleep is a huge no-no! You need the right attitude, a good way to communicate at a level everyone will understand and most importantly, being able to fix their problem, no matter what time it is! If you choose to go down the ‘handyman’ route and work locally, your work will need a positive word of mouth because any new customer will most likely come from current happy customers.

A career as a plumber is one of variety, you’ll be doing a different job everyday! If you prefer a day-to-day contract instead of a long term, you could focus on pipe fitting or something related to construction. Most importantly, you need to know your equipment like the back of your hand, try and get a helpful supplier like Colglo plumbing suppliers to assist with this.

There’s always plenty of demand for plumbing services, so all you’ll need to do is decide which area to specialise in, commercial, emergency, specialist or even an independent trader, concentrating on helping your neighbours. The choice is entirely yours, but the one thing that always stays consistent is the demand.

Once you’ve finished your training and and got the qualifications you need, you’re set up in a career for life! Just make sure your work is also completed competently and that you build up trust with easy customer you come into contact with.

If you choose the plumber path, you’ll be enjoying a successful career, without the gaps of unemployment!

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