7 Potentially Big Mistakes You Could Make After a Car Accident (in the USA)

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The stakes are pretty high after a car accident, so making the wrong moves can dramatically reduce your chances of acquiring what you deserve. Despite the big emotional, physical, and financial burdens, you should do the right things after such an accident if possible. However, there are certain actions to consider avoiding when you have been hurt. But how to avoid these sometimes potentially costly errors if you aren’t aware of them?

That’s why you should get familiar with these potentially wrong actions on time. Read on for top 7 potential mistakes made after an auto accident.

1. Not Calling the Police

It’s essential that the car accident is promptly documented by a police officer if possible if you’re not at fault. Don’t rely on the idea that your insurer is going to take care of everything. This can go a long way with your insurance company. A police report includes an unbiased record of what happened at the scene of a car accident. Remember that this report might potentially be a key piece of your evidence in court.

2. Failing to Take Photos

Luckily, it’s very easy to document an accident with a cell phone today. Before anything and anyone have even moved at the scene of the accident, make sure to take a few photos of the vehicles involved if possible. These photos could be your crucial proof as to which driver was at fault indeed. It can help the judge get a better feel for how the accident occurred as well as what the contributing circumstances and conditions have surrounded it.

3. Failing to Exchange Information

Try to collect information like insurance company number, driver’s license plate and license number, and the model of the cars. It goes without saying that you should exchange contact information. Aside from exchanging information with involved drivers, you should also exchange info with witnesses, if any, if possible.

4. Waiting For Medical Treatment

After getting hurt in an accident, many people might be inclined to think “Just walk it off, everything will be okay in several days.” But be cautious about thinking this way! Keep in mind that any delay in medical treatment might potentially used against you by the insurance company, which may try to devalue your claim as much as possible.

5. Providing Too Much Information and Details to the At-fault Insurance Company

It’s okay to give the basic info required by law, but you shouldn’t give the details to an insurance company they aren’t entitled to. Don’t consent to provide any recorded statement. Don’t discuss your injuries or fault. These actions will benefit the insurance company rather than you.

6. Accepting a Fast Settlement

Many people make the mistake of accepting a quick settlement immediately after a car accident. Be very cautious about doing that! You may get less money than you really deserve. Once you’ve settled‚ you will not be able to open your case again.

7. Handle the Claim on Your Own

Maybe your adjuster will tell you that you should not hire an attorney. While there’s no requirement to work with an attorney, having one who specializes in the car accidents might potentially make a big difference to your compensation. If you’ve been severely hurt in a car accident in St. Louis, feel free to contact the St. Louis lawyers.

Make sure to avoid these 7 mistakes after a traffic accident. That may potentially save you lots of future issues. And be very cautious about going it alone if you’ve been injured seriously.

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