The Perks of Being a Legal Secretary

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Legal secretaries make up an essential part of the legal workforce. Law is a fascinating arena, and becoming a secretary in this field will give you direct access to the world of the courtroom without having to undertake extensive training.

The job of a legal secretary is to provide administrative support to lawyers and legal executives. Their role usually requires them to conduct research, interview witnesses and prepare court documents. They are typically based in solicitor’s offices, barrister’s chambers or within local authorities.

This role has changed significantly since it first emerged in 1970, and it is now considered a popular career choice. Here are some of the perks of being a legal secretary, and why it might be the career path for you.


The annual starting salary of a legal secretary is approximately £18,000 to £22,000 per annum, but this can rise to £45,000 with experience. There are also ample opportunities for career growth. For instance, with further training, you could become a legal executive, paralegal or a conveyancer. If you’re keen to expand your horizons further, you could even work towards becoming a barrister or solicitor.

Career Entry

Becoming a legal secretary is an excellent way to begin a legal career. According to the

National Career Service, a job as a legal secretary usually requires GCSE qualifications, word processing skills and experience working in an office. If you’re looking to enhance your expertise in these areas, you could take a legal word processing or audio transcription course, or you could offer to temp for an agency.

Competition for these roles is fierce, so make sure your C.V. is up to date and looks professional. If you’re keen to make an impression, you could use a free flyer maker to create marketing materials. Advertising your services is an excellent way to attract employers or find clients as a freelancer.

Areas of Specialism

If you’re a legal secretary, you can specialize in any area of law you choose, such as criminal, employment or family law. This gives you a certain amount of control over your career path and allows you to hone your expertise in particular fields. You can always extend your skill set and broaden your employment prospects down the line.

Intellectual Stimulation

A career as a legal secretary requires a sophisticated set of skills. Not only will you need to think innovatively and work hard to solve problems, but you must also master legal procedures and acquire researching and drafting skills. Staying on top of changing laws and legal trends may be challenging, but it will provide you with intellectual stimulation and keep you on your toes.

Helping Others

Many people enter the field of law because they want to address the public interest, and there’s no doubt that a career as a legal secretary provides a unique opportunity to do so. Whether you’re assisting the poor and disadvantaged or drafting someone’s will, each day as a legal secretary is different, and there are always opportunities to help others.

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