Top Careers in Criminal Justice

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Not too long ago, we talked about the top careers in law. There are some very interesting career paths just waiting to be explored, from a career in public administration to court reporting. The article garnered a lot of attention. Some of you are asking about other professions in the justice system that are just as interesting to explore.

To answer some of those questions, we thought we’d list another set of interesting careers in this field, specifically in the field of criminal justice. Here are the jobs and careers you can pursue if you want to make a difference.

Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement is still the most popular career in criminal justice. Law enforcement agencies across the country are hiring and expanding their forces to meet new challenges, which is why this career will always be a potential one to explore. Experts believe that the growth in different forces will open up thousands of new jobs over the next five to ten years.

Police officers and deputy sheriffs are the leading edge of law enforcement. Today, they are also responsible for crime prevention in most communities. You can expect exciting days and a rewarding career from this profession.

Becoming a law enforcement officer is a big commitment, but it is also a service to your country. Many with a military background now work in law enforcement as a way to continue serving this country and helping a bigger cause.

Forensic Accountants

Another interesting career in criminal justice is a career in forensic accounting or financial examination. As the number of white-collar crimes grows, the demand for better and more skilled financial examiners grows alongside it, making the profession one of the most rewarding in the country.

Universities such as the University of Cincinnati now make their masters in criminal justice programs more accessible through online and distance learning programs. You can pursue an online CJ degree as the first step towards the field of forensic accounting.

Naturally, you also need to have a good understanding of accounting and finance in general. Many who are successful in this field pursued a bachelor’s degree in accounting or financial management before acquiring an online MSCJ degree to enter the field.

Criminology Professor

There is one other profession that you can gain access to upon completing your online CJ degree, and that is a career as a criminology lecturer. As mentioned before, criminal justice is a growing field, which means there are more and more students choosing this field as their majors. You can help guide those students to the field of criminal justice.

The increasing popularity of online courses also means you can work out of an office and still teach students. On top of that, you can pursue a tenure in order to earn more and contribute more to the field. It is one of the best careers in criminal justice if you’re looking for long-term growth.

These aren’t the only careers you can explore, but they are some of the most interesting ones in the field of criminal justice. Complete your CJ degree and start a rewarding career in any of these fields.

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