Top Careers in Law

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You don’t have to become a lawyer to enjoy a career in a law-related field. If you want to make a difference by helping to bring more justice into the world, you have a lot more options than you are probably aware of, a few of which are listed below. So, consider one of the following careers in the world of law when you are thinking about pursuing a job that will allow you to make a difference, while also making a good income.

Public Administration Professional

A career in public administration will open up a variety of doors to a wide range of job opportunities. You could, for example, pursue such job titles as an urban planner, budget analyst, political scientist, and city manager, to name a few. But, to get the highest paying and most exciting careers in the field, consider getting your online public administration degree from a reputable online MPA program. In this way, you will be able to immediately apply your valuable skills towards solving real-world issues that impact people in a variety of sectors, such as finance, healthcare, and nonprofits.

Legal Nurse Consultant

If you are working in the medical field but you would like to expand into the legal realm, consider becoming a legal nurse consultant. You could apply your expertise and advise lawyers on a variety of issues that are related to health and medicine. Plus, you could earn hundreds of dollars per hour! Basically, you will be able to work on screening new cases, interviewing medical experts, and serving as a liaison between those medical experts and the law firm.

Trial Consultant

Thanks to technology, a whole new profession has been created to better assist lawyers during a trial in a courtroom, and that is the exciting career of the trial consultant. In this field, you can combine the best of law, sociology, and psychology, as well as legal technology, to help any jury better understand even the most complex concepts. Plus, you will help lawyers communicate their messages more effectively.

Court Reporter

A court reporter is also known as a stenographer. In this position, you will be able to utilize special equipment to transcribe everything that is stated during the court proceedings. Stenographers can transcribe at a super fast rate of more than 200 words per minute! Beyond that, however, you will also be in charge of broadcast captioning, as well as reporting (in real-time) for webcasts. Because there is a shortage of qualified court reporters, you could get a job surprisingly easily and make a lot of money too.

Legal Assistant

If you are hoping to enter a fast-growing profession and help attorneys with their many daily tasks to win cases, you should consider becoming a legal assistant, also known as a paralegal. Opportunities in this field are quickly expanding, which means compensation is increasing.

As you can see, there are a variety of careers that you can pursue within the realm of law, and you don’t need to become a lawyer to help bring justice to those who deserve it.

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