Is Avvo a credible way to search for reliable attorneys (in the USA)

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Living in a world of facts, figures and statistics, it’s easy to be sucked into the direction which ratings and percentages try to lead us. There are many websites and apps dedicated to unpicking and ranking the level of expertise businesses and individuals offer but do any of these really offer value in the legal field and is Avvo a reliable way to find a good lawyer?

What is Avvo

Avvo is a modern listing and review website which allows lawyers to market themselves to the public. With a claim to have a current rating for 97% of the registered lawyers in America, Avvo is becoming a popular and powerful research tool for clients choosing which attorney they will eventually hire.

Featuring an online résumé and basic details such as contact information, the client review section is the feature which has caused most attention on the website. As an independent and voluntary service, Avvo claims to be impartial but does the information it holds have any real significance for its users?

Pros and cons of Avvo

Any website which provides a score based on performance and opinion is liable to cause a split opinion amongst any community. Common concerns which could potentially be voiced over the Avvo platform might include the automatic nature by which lawyers are added into the database and the lack of clarity in calculating each individual score.

On the other hand, Avvo has become incredibly popular in a short space of time due its ease of use and clarity for the end. The prominent position given to any information regarding a lawyer’s disciplinary issues with the State Bar also provides quick and useful information when researching your options.

How an Avvo score compares to other accolades

Lawyer evaluation services are one of the latest developments within the industry but accreditations and memberships are nothing new to law firms looking to boast about their level of prestige. It’s difficult to say with any real conviction that one is more important than the other, however, the weight of multiple accreditations can be more conclusive.

For example, Anthony Steven Bruning Jr of the Bruning law firm in Missouri has a score of 10.0 (superb) at the time of writing according to his Avvo rating. Yet the firm also has various other profiles and ways that it is positively reviewed across the internet such as Google and Facebook and ultimately it is the sum total of these and potentially other evaluations which can give a fuller picture of the firm’s reputation.

Is Avvo a reliable source of information?

While no rating system is ever likely to be completely reliable in the legal profession, Avvo can certainly provide you with a good starting point in the hunt for a dependable lawyer.

The key factor in choosing an attorney to represent you should always be the impression which you take away from a face-to-face consultation. Assessing a lawyer on purely statistical information is not going to provide the full picture, although, the more information you can gather can prove useful in the questions you ask during every free consultation you arrange.

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