Building a Personal Injury Claim on Behalf of a Child

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We never want to think about accidents happening, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes the unexpected does occur. In those times, it may be necessary to build a personal injury claim. But what happens if the injured party is a child, and you need to build that claim on their behalf?

Here in California there are steps you will need to take in order to build this claim, and of course it’s a good time to consult with a personal injury lawyer that can guide you through the legal process. Hiring a lawyer will ensure that you take those proper steps in order to get the best possible results from the claim.

Step One – Seek Medical Help

It’s important to note that a “child” is any person under the age of 18. You will then be responsible for filing the claim on their behalf.

Before you can start down the road of a personal injury claim on behalf of a child it is important that you seek medical help and have the child examined. A full medical report must be done that clearly states the kinds of injuries, and the extent of them. You want to have this done immediately after the injury occurs. Don’t worry at this point who is to blame in the accident, just focus on the medical treatment and having the child assessed.

Step Two – Contact a Lawyer

Once the child has gotten medical help and treatment, it’s time to contact a lawyer. You want to be sure you look for a personal injury lawyer with tremendous experience. Look for an attorney with specific experience with the type of injury you’ve sustained. If you’ve been in a car accident, look for a lawyer like Stephen Babcock who has actual experience handling motorcycle related cases. These types of lawyers are well versed in the laws of personal injury specifically. They will be able to discuss the injury and determine if the child is eligible for compensation. Provided they are, you will then start to build your case.

Step Three – Determine the Type of Compensation

This is something your lawyer will be able to help you with, but there are a variety of types of compensation your child may be eligible for. There is compensation for a disability, permanent injury, pain and suffering. It should be noted that you as the parent may also be eligible for compensation if you have paid for medical expenses out of your own pocket.

Step Four – Fill Out the Necessary Forms

You should be prepared to fill out forms as required. If there is an insurance company involved, you will need to fill out their form that they provide and then go over the settlement they are offering with your lawyer. No matter who you are settling with, there will be a settlement agreement presented to you. It’s important not to just think about the present but the future and whether or not the settlement will be enough.

Professional Help Will Navigate the Road for You

Because you don’t want to make any mistakes with the claim you file and the process you take, it’s wise to seek a lawyer immediately. Think about how this affects your child not just at the moment but in the future – both physically and financially.

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