Online Degrees for Those Entering the Legal Profession

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Learning about the various areas of the law has never been easier or more accessible. There are many different options open for those who are eager to work in the legal profession and students shouldn’t restrict their ambitions to being an attorney. Here are some of the different degrees on offer through a variety of respected educational establishments and delivered over the internet.

Bachelor of Laws

When most people think of a law degree it is the bachelor of laws (BOL) that they are envisaging; the standard degree, which is the first step taken by those looking to practice as a lawyer. BOL courses look not only at what the law is but its evolution; why it is the way it is, as well as the underlying theory and principles which underpin the legal system. In addition to its role as a stepping stone for becoming a practicing lawyer, the BOL is also great for those interested in working in other areas such as finance, citizens advice, local government, or in general management.

Criminology and Law

Criminology and Law degrees look at the issues behind today’s crime and what forms criminal activity currently takes. It also looks at the various legal systems around the world and how these reflect the differing nature of crime and justice across the globe. A Criminology and Law degree is a good choice for those interested in the theory and application of the law without wanting to fight it in court. A degree in criminology and law has numerous real-world applications and a diverse range of businesses will look favorably upon a candidate who has one on their resume.

Masters of Diplomacy

An online MPA degree looks at the nature of international protocol and communications, as well as international relations and geopolitics. The subject is a branch of political science but is extremely valuable for those who are looking to practice some form of international law, be it humanitarian law or human rights law. A masters in diplomacy will also make you proficient in matters of international economics and globalization, and the history of international law and global relations.

There are a number of specialties one can pursue a masters of diplomacy degree that are of relevance to the legal profession. International commerce looks at the work of various public and private organizations around the globe and the impact that different cultures, legal systems, and economic outlooks have on the way international business is conducted. International Conflict Management looks at the nature of international protocols and arbitration by international bodies and the way that these affect conflict resolutions between nation states.

Every industry on the planet has to deal with the legal profession in some capacity or another and there are no legal fields relevant to any area of study or interest. Deciding which one is the right one for you can seem daunting at first, but with many online degrees offering broad courses which are narrowed down as per the student’s wishes, they offer a promising first step into any area of the legal profession.

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