How to Make a Work Injury Claim in Australia

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If you have been injured while on the job, you have the right to make a work injury claim and obtain the compensation that you deserve. It is always best to file your claim as soon as possible so that the process can get started and you get your results quickly.

Each year there are thousands of workers in Australia who become injured while on the job. The law supports the worker’s right to claim for compensation, all you have to do is file a claim with your employer.

What Types of Injuries are covered by Worker Place Compensation?

Any injury, both physical and psychological, that occurred while a person was at work is covered by worker’s compensation. Examples of injuries include…

• Broken Bones

• Strokes

• Heart Attack

• Depression and trauma

• Stress

• Hepatitis

• Pre-exiting conditions that were worsened by work environment such as Asthma

• Cancer

• Burns

• Skin lacerations

This is just a sample of the injuries that are covered by worker’s compensation. There was a time when injuries that occurred while traveling to work were eligible, but today they are not. And since it can be difficult sometimes to conclude that an illness or injury was indeed caused by your job, it is a promising idea to hire a lawyer as soon as possible to help you with your worker’s compensation case.

How to Ensure That You Receive Compensation for Your Injury

To make sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve, you will need to meet the following criteria.

• You must be employed at the time of the accident

• You must have a doctor diagnose any injury that you have

• You will need proof that the injury was caused at work

• And you will need proof of monetary loss due to your injury or illness

It doesn’t matter what type of work you are doing or what kind of employee you are, whether you are full time, part time, or a volunteer worker, you are still eligible to receive worker’s compensation.

When Should I File a Claim?

You should always attempt to file your claim as soon as the injury occurs at work, regardless of how severe it may be. Then you should seek an evaluation from a medical professional as soon as possible. Even if you have a small, unimportant injury, it could lead to serious damage over time. So it is always best to have your injury checked out to ensure if there is a need for a worker’s compensation claim.

To get the best results from your claim, you should see a doctor right away and report the injury to your workplace immediately after it happens. After you have notified your employer, and you have been diagnosed by a medical professional, it is time to get in touch with a legal professional to take care of the remainder of your claim for you.

Be sure to get in touch with a qualified and reputable legal professional in your area who deals with worker’s compensation cases on a regular basis for best results. They will be able to help you get the compensation that you deserve until you get back on your feet.

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