The Rise in Legal Careers Connected to Popular TV Shows

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Each day, individuals turn to television and their favourite shows as a way to relax and reboot after a long day or work or school. Throughout the world, 950 million households have at least one TV, and it’s common for viewers to watch an hour or two of television each day. Advertisers, show creators, and corporations have embraced television as a highly impact medium to reach the masses, working to shape their opinions on certain products or local issues, but a new report reveals television has a direct impact in another area of viewers’ lives.

According to the report, Careers on the Box, conducted and published by Fletchers Solicitors, adults in Britain get their career ambitions from television shows they love. The research compiled responses from 1,000 UK residents about their television preferences and the role they played in selecting one career path over another. Nearly 18% of all respondents shared that their favourite TV shows impacted what career choice they made, while 39% of younger viewers (Millennials aged 18-34) stated the same. The most telling aspect of the report is which shows had the greatest impact on viewers: Brits have a penchant for leading characters who practice law.

Ed Fletcher, CEO of Fletchers Solicitors, the law firm responsible for the report, explains the potential draw to shows like Law and Order, Ally McBeal, and Suits. He states, “These scripted shows put individuals in the legal profession in a position of power, but they also provide story lines that are relatable to viewers.” When individuals can so easily connect to leading characters like Jack McCoy or Rachel Zane, on a personal level, it is no surprise that their choice of a career in the legal universe follows closely behind. Fletcher believes that the steady rise in law university attendance throughout the UK can be correlated back to these beloved TV shows and the characters who make them so popular.

Looking ahead, the world of TV show development will most likely continue to influence the job market as more ways to watch are added to viewers’ options. There may be a shift in which careers leading characters take on, based on the needs of an evolving society. Will we see computer programmers or small business owners added to the mix? Only time will tell what the future of television holds, but for now, the legal field is a popular choice among show creators and viewers alike.


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