Things You Need to Know About Chesapeake College Admission

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Gaining an admission into Chesapeake College isn’t as difficult or competitive as you might think. Unlike other colleges, Chesapeake College makes it easy for you take charge, plan your college with ease, and stay focused on your academic goals. If you have chosen to study at this college, it means you already know that it fits your needs. However, you need to put in more effort and take advantage of the opportunities to gain admission into the college. Once you graduate, you will understand that your achievements and skills matter most.

Here are things to know if you want to gain an admission into Chesapeake College:

Apply Online

The college allows an online college application or you could download the application and mail it to the school mailing address. You could also visit the college admission office to request an application form.

Take a college placement test

If you are interested in a degree or certificate course, you need to take the college placement test, which is also known as Accuplacer test before enrolling in the college. The test is free of charge and no appointment is required for the test.  You can contact the college testing center for testing days and procedures. Take advantage of this test to know where you fit into or the course to study at the college.

Seek Academic counseling

After taking the test, you should seek academic counseling with the college advisors. This will help you decide on which course to study. At Chesapeake, college advisors are a great resource. You can discuss your plans with them and ask for help and advice. Most advisors may advise you to pursue what you love if you did well in the test. This means that your academic strength matters too.

Explore the scholarship and financial aid options

You may have additional costs to pay for at the college, therefore you need to explore the financial aid options that will make it easy for you to study without worrying about tuition and other fees. Chesapeake College has a variety of scholarship and financial aid options to help you. If you apply for financial aid, you may receive some kind of assistance through loans, scholarship or grants. This will help to reduce the actual cost you will pay for tuition and other fees. This also means that you can pay less to get a quality education and a degree at Chesapeake College.

Pay Tuition & fee

If you are eligible, you are required to register for classes, then you can go ahead and make payment. You can pay your tuition and fee during registration. There is a deferred tuition payment plan for students whose fee exceed $277.50. Payment can be made online, by mail or in person. 

Chesapeake College is looking for students who will make most of the opportunities offered by the college and their talents. Make sure you attend your classes, study hard and get all the academic support you need to achieve your goals in life.

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