Divorce Fees and Repeal

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Back in March, a controversial ruling decreed that the cost of divorce was to increase by 34%. Essentially the thinking behind it was that an increase of over £100 would lead to less applications for divorce, reducing time and encouraging people to think before proceeding. At the time, it might have been thought a little controversial, given that anything involving money in divorce generally spells acrimony, and this seemed to be just plain money grabbing! After all, most people who have got to the stage of wanting a divorce are likely to pay anything in order to just be rid of the situation and start moving on from it! Many will need legal advice from a divorce specialist to deal with the associated fallout.

Sometimes this ‘industry’ might be seen by some as downright money grabbing. Divorce is rarely an ‘option’, but rather a necessity, and this increase being sneaked in was might be said to be nothing short of archaic in the first place. 

Repeal the increase

Lo and behold, just seven months later, and the government is already getting the advice to repeal the increase, from the Justice Committee. The response to recommendations to repeal the increase might be said to be symptomatic of problems within the justice system. The gist was to the effect that a fee for a divorce is reasonable when taking into account the objective of generating extra income as a contribution to the cause of making savings to the costs of courts and tribunals and protecting access to justice. The problem was that such a response doesn’t help those who have to pay that fee.

Help with Fees

The Ministry of Justice tried justifying the increase by bringing up the Help with Fees scheme and access to justice. However, this can still potentially leave one or both parties without help and needing to pay the requisite fee which in itself might be said to impede rather than encourage such access to justice.

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