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BabyB LPlate improvedHad the most annoying solicitor in the world on the phone today, a woman whose name can only be CheapSkate.  She’s renowned throughout chambers though her real nickname is somewhat ruder.  Anyway, CheapSkate makes a habit of preying on the baby bar and prides herself on not paying for a single advice.  The only reason she gets away with it is that the rest of her firm gives chambers a fair amount of paid work and no-one wants to upset the apple cart (or perhaps gravy train might be more accurate).  Anyway, today it was my turn,

“Good morning BabyBarista.  You couldn’t just spare a couple of minutes to look something up for me could you?  Quick freebie?”

If she thought I was that naive she had another thing coming.  That same line caused Worrier four hours of work in the library only last week.

“Actually, I’m really busy today but if you want to send the papers in the DX, I’d be happy to look at them in the next couple of days.”

Touché, though she certainly wasn’t going to fall for that little wheeze as she knew full well that once the papers got into the hands of the clerks they’d be on the books and charged appropriately.

“I could email you over the details and then perhaps we could have a chat tomorrow.”

Eventually I relented.  It’s an essential part of being a part of this chambers to have a CheapSkate story or two to share and anyway it might bring in work from the rest of her firm.  Another of the peculiar Bar Council Alice in Wonderland type rules is that whilst we can’t pay a single penny for cases there’s nothing at all to stop us providing say, a thousand pounds worth of free work.  Oh, so long as it’s not explicitly in return for work.  Which of course it isn’t.  We just do it for the love of pleasing CheapSkate.  Course we do.

Not that it’s quite so bad when you’ve got ten mini-pupils beavering away in the library on your behalf.

By the way, as I mentioned yesterday, The Times Online have now set up a group on FaceBook called The Common Law.  Do join if you’re already signed up.  Let’s make it the voice for lawyers on that most time-wasting of sites.  It’s not too common.  Honest.  Well, it might be slightly common, but, hey…  Oh, and my name on there is “babybarista blog” and you’re welcome to add me as a friend if you enjoy reading this blog.

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Things You Need to Know About Chesapeake College Admission

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Gaining an admission into Chesapeake College isn’t as difficult or competitive as you might think. Unlike other colleges, Chesapeake College makes it easy for you take charge, plan your college with ease, and stay focused on your academic goals. If you have chosen to study at this college, it means you already know that it fits your needs. However, you need to put in more effort and take advantage of the opportunities to gain admission into the college. Once you graduate, you will understand that your achievements and skills matter most.

Here are things to know if you want to gain an admission into Chesapeake College:

Apply Online

The college allows an online college application or you could download the application and mail it to the school mailing address. You could also visit the college admission office to request an application form.

Take a college placement test

If you are interested in a degree or certificate course, you need to take the college placement test, which is also known as Accuplacer test before enrolling in the college. The test is free of charge and no appointment is required for the test.  You can contact the college testing center for testing days and procedures. Take advantage of this test to know where you fit into or the course to study at the college.

Seek Academic counseling

After taking the test, you should seek academic counseling with the college advisors. This will help you decide on which course to study. At Chesapeake, college advisors are a great resource. You can discuss your plans with them and ask for help and advice. Most advisors may advise you to pursue what you love if you did well in the test. This means that your academic strength matters too.

Explore the scholarship and financial aid options

You may have additional costs to pay for at the college, therefore you need to explore the financial aid options that will make it easy for you to study without worrying about tuition and other fees. Chesapeake College has a variety of scholarship and financial aid options to help you. If you apply for financial aid, you may receive some kind of assistance through loans, scholarship or grants. This will help to reduce the actual cost you will pay for tuition and other fees. This also means that you can pay less to get a quality education and a degree at Chesapeake College.

Pay Tuition & fee

If you are eligible, you are required to register for classes, then you can go ahead and make payment. You can pay your tuition and fee during registration. There is a deferred tuition payment plan for students whose fee exceed $277.50. Payment can be made online, by mail or in person. 

Chesapeake College is looking for students who will make most of the opportunities offered by the college and their talents. Make sure you attend your classes, study hard and get all the academic support you need to achieve your goals in life.

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A Closer Look at the Benefits of Hiring the Best Car Accident Lawyer

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The automobile industry is booming. With an increasing number of cars, road accidents have become quite common. Hence, in the midst of so many law-breaking events and unfortunate car accidents, the hiring a car accident lawyer becoming widespread as many people are now aware that they play a crucial role in helping accident victims. 

Who are car accident lawyers?

Car accident lawyers are professionals who assist people in filing complaints against insurance companies in the event of a car accident. They help the offenders or car accident victims to understand the legal and practical aspects of personal injury law and what the accident claims.  Immediately after meeting with an accident and being a victim, it is very important to contact a dexterous accident lawyer as soon as possible so as to secure the highest remuneration that an accident victim is subjected to, for his injury and mental trauma.

What qualities to look for in a skillful car accident lawyer?

In the event of fatal car accidents, lawyers play a crucial role. Whether you are a victim or an offender, you must look for few qualities in a lawyer before hiring their efficient services and some of them are as follows:

    He should possess an adequate knowledge in Injury law.

    He should be well aware of the rights of the victim, the grievousness of the accident and how much amount should be claimed as recompense.

    He should be well-experienced and extremely skillful in his job.

    He should not only be adept in dealing with car accident cases but also in relevant cases.

    Experienced and matured car accident lawyers will know all possible ways to defend victims against insurance companies, so choose a lawyer who flaunts a record of a maximum number of wins.

The pivotal role of lawyers in the event of Car Accidents

In case of fatal car accidents, according to the law, offenders may be severely charged. Hence, to reduce or avoid the penalties, car accident lawyers are hired from the offender’s side too, besides victims. When they are representing the side of the offenders, these legal professionals have to try their level best to avoid or reduce the charges or penalties charged by the court. They may also have to defend a lawsuit if the situation demands.

In case of accidents and unforeseen mishaps, the damages to property and personal lives can be pretty massive. Hence a lot of legal issues might also crop up, which have to be handled efficiently and with ease by the veteran car accident lawyers. From dealing with insurance companies to advising on the legal aspects, a lawyer is capable of handling such complicated situations within his legal periphery. Hence, from all this, you can understand how much important it is to hire the best legal professional so that the legal rights of the parties are handled in the best way possible.

In a nutshell, a good lawyer can bring in a smile on the face of the parties, even in the most gruesome conditions with his quick wit and substantial knowledge on matters of all legal essentials.

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Monday morning with Alex Williams’ cartoons

This cartoon is by Alex Williams who draws the Queen’s Counsel cartoons for The Times and in numerous books including The Queen’s Counsel Lawyer’s Omnibus. He offers almost all of his cartoons for sale at £120 for originals and £40 for copies and they can be obtained from this email

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Like a bride’s nightie

UpTightsUpTights and OldSmoothie were against each other one more time today.  As always, UpTights couldn’t help reacting to OldSmoothie’s jibes and was constantly interrupting him.  Eventually OldSmoothie reacted with the following,

“I’m sorry, your Honour, but my learned friend has been up and down more times than a bride’s nightie.”

The judge seemed somewhat distracted by the unfortunate image which OldSmoothie had conjured.  Perhaps not realising that he was articulating his thoughts out loud, he said,

“Do you think brides still wear nighties these days?”

This was the last straw for UpTights and she stood up, once again ready to make a final objection.  At this, the judge snapped out of his reverie and returned to the proceedings,

“Sit down now Ms UpTights,” he stormed.  “Nighties…Naughties…”  He stopped, struggling to bring his mind back to the proceedings.  “I will have none of any of it in my court.”  Then, he seemed to remember where all of this had come from and calmed down, looked at UpTights and finished with,

“Will you please let your opponent finish without jumping up and down.”  At which point his eyes glazed over and it was obvious his mind had strayed back once again to nighties.

Oh, and I’ve finally discovered why OldSmoothie always seems to be up against UpTights.  Overheard his solicitor after the hearing,

“You’re always the man to do her over OldSmoothie.  Works like clockwork every time.  I hear she’s on the case and I pass the papers immediately to you.  Kind of an Achilles heel for her, I guess.  But what really makes it all so beautiful is that the more you do it, the more she hates you and therefore the more she can’t help reacting.  Guaranteed result every time.”

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Monday morning with Alex Williams’ cartoons

This cartoon is by Alex Williams who draws the Queen’s Counsel cartoons for The Times and in numerous books including The Queen’s Counsel Lawyer’s Omnibus. He offers almost all of his cartoons for sale at £120 for originals and £40 for copies and they can be obtained from this email

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Divorce Fees and Repeal

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Back in March, a controversial ruling decreed that the cost of divorce was to increase by 34%. Essentially the thinking behind it was that an increase of over £100 would lead to less applications for divorce, reducing time and encouraging people to think before proceeding. At the time, it might have been thought a little controversial, given that anything involving money in divorce generally spells acrimony, and this seemed to be just plain money grabbing! After all, most people who have got to the stage of wanting a divorce are likely to pay anything in order to just be rid of the situation and start moving on from it! Many will need legal advice from a divorce specialist to deal with the associated fallout.

Sometimes this ‘industry’ might be seen by some as downright money grabbing. Divorce is rarely an ‘option’, but rather a necessity, and this increase being sneaked in was might be said to be nothing short of archaic in the first place. 

Repeal the increase

Lo and behold, just seven months later, and the government is already getting the advice to repeal the increase, from the Justice Committee. The response to recommendations to repeal the increase might be said to be symptomatic of problems within the justice system. The gist was to the effect that a fee for a divorce is reasonable when taking into account the objective of generating extra income as a contribution to the cause of making savings to the costs of courts and tribunals and protecting access to justice. The problem was that such a response doesn’t help those who have to pay that fee.

Help with Fees

The Ministry of Justice tried justifying the increase by bringing up the Help with Fees scheme and access to justice. However, this can still potentially leave one or both parties without help and needing to pay the requisite fee which in itself might be said to impede rather than encourage such access to justice.

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Heads-up for a great site about breakfast cereals and their various gifts over the years. It’s at and is packed full of wonderful information and pictures of the boxes and the gifts which could be found inside. There is also a For Sale page containing a variety of items which might be of interest.

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TheBuskerYesterday I decided that I might try my hand again at taking on TheBusker’s laid back approach to advocacy.  We were arguing over what further information the Claimant needed to give about his claim.  Again, I drew myself up and again tried to make myself look terribly grown up (furrowed brow, basically).  Today it was a different line in response to an opponent who had given reasons why each of the questions should not be answered.

“Sir”, I started but realised I had forgotten the ever-so-deep voice which had won the day on Friday.  I coughed a little and started again, an octave lower,

“Sir”.  No, too low this time but I cracked on.  “Sir, life is but a sparrow’s flight through a great hall.  It is a will-o-the-wisp.  But a candle in the wind.”  Ouch.  This was becoming so cliché-ridden as to hurt even myself.  I’d lost the voice of TheBusker from the off.  It was out there somewhere in the ether chuckling at me as I struggled to grasp it back.

“Mr BabyBarista, what on earth are you wittering on about?”

“Er, just taking my run up, Sir.”

“Well, just get on with it.  It’s turning into the sort of run up of which even the great Fred Truman would have been proud.”

“Yes, Sir.  Sorry, Sir.  Er, all I was trying to say was that life is too short to be arguing about such matters.  The Claimant should answer all the questions.”

“Mr BabyBarista.  At this rate your life will indeed be short.  However, I am afraid to say that whilst you may have philosophy to be contemplating, the rest of us mere mortals have jobs to do.  For myself, I have spent many happy years arguing over far less interesting and weighty matter than that which now sits before me.  I don’t know whether your recklessness is led by courage or ignorance but either way I am afraid it will find no reward in this court.”

The magic BuskerCard, it seems, remains best played by TheBusker himself.

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When to Hire a Divorce Attorney (in the USA)

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Realizing your marriage is dissolving and accepting a future without your partner can be a highly emotional experience. Whether the separation was a shock, or you knew it was coming for months or even years, divorce can put anyone in a gloomy fog. It may seem overwhelming to start meeting with a lawyer, but in some cases the sooner you can rely on a professional for legal advice potentially the better. Here are five reasons you might wish to consider hiring a divorce attorney when you’ve realized your marriage is crumbling and beyond any repair.

  1. Before separation. If you know there’s a good chance your marriage is headed for divorce, it might potentially be that the sooner you talk with an attorney, the better. They can offer you advice on first steps, especially if there are children involved, and how the overall process is going to work. They may even know specifically how the courts lean in your district on matters of custody, so you can prepare for that mentally and emotionally. It’s never a good idea to enter a legal battle with ignorance. Talking to a professional will help educate you on any nuances of divorce you may not have known.
  2. Safety is at risk. If the reason for separation is because your ex-partner is abusive to you or the children, or has since become dangerous and threatening, it is best to seek legal help immediately. An attorney can assist you in obtaining a restraining order if needed and help you document instances that may influence custody decisions in court.
  3. Ex-partner has hired an attorney. If the other side has already acquired an attorney, it can potentially be smart to do the same. Divorce lawyers know subtleties about divorce law that you may not know or have time to research. It’s not wise to go into battle alone against a professional, so you might wish to find someone to represent your best interests too.
  4. Legal protection. If you are facing a complicated separation in terms of finances or custody, hiring a lawyer might be your best option in terms of protecting yourself and your interests. Even though hiring an attorney can be expensive, it could be more expensive in the long run not having one. Without knowledge on the specifics of divorce law, you could unknowingly hand over too much to your ex-partner, which could end up hurting you and/or the children for years to come. Once separation orders are final, it’s difficult to change them again, especially in cases of custody. A lawyer will protect your rights and help you find a solution that is in the best interests of everybody involved.
  5. Review any documents self-written. If you would like to save your money and not pay thousands of dollars to an attorney, and your ex-partner is relatively cooperative, you may want to look into writing your own divorce agreement to present to a judge. However, even in this highly idealistic scenario, it can still potentially be a good idea to have your documents reviewed by a legal professional. They will be able to offer advice on any agreements made and let you know if you are missing anything important before making it official in court. A good lawyer should understand if this course of action is truly in your best interest financially and emotionally.

In some ways hiring an attorney makes the whole separation seem more official, and some people may still be in denial about their situation. However, waiting to speak to a professional doesn’t always benefit you and can sometimes potentially do more harm than good. When deciding who you want to represent you, you should take into consideration location, demeanor, price, and any other characteristics you desire. An attorney you trust is more important than hiring the most expensive one, or the least expensive one, and one who knows the court system where you live could prove an invaluable asset. For instance, if you live just south of Baltimore, Jimeno and Gray Law is an option for representation that knows the area, have three different locations for your convenience, and specialize in divorce. If you live north of Baltimore, a different law firm could serve you better. In the end, whether you decide to amicably split with your partner and draw up your own divorce papers, or you need to hire representation in a complicated or bitter divorce, your lawyer should always work with you and put your best interests first.

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