Why You Might Consider Using a Motor Lawyer

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If you have been stopped for a driving offence, and are facing a fine, and points on your licence, contacting a motor lawyer could be a good idea. Doing so could save you from an awful lot of problems, both now and in the future. Below we look at what some of those issues are, and show you how a good motoring lawyer can help you to avoid them.

Avoid being unfairly punished

Many people do not realise that it is perfectly possible to be erroneously accused of a motoring offence. This possibility simply does not cross the mind of most motorists.

Unfortunately, this does happen. Every year, hundreds of people end up getting points on their licence for offences they did not commit. Often, all that is necessary is to ask for the evidence to be re-looked at. A good motoring offence lawyer knows how mistakes are made, so understands which questions to ask to make sure that the evidence against you is sound.

Avoid the more severe sentences

A good motoring offence solicitor will work with you to make the court aware of any mitigating circumstances, so that your punishment can be reduced when appropriate.

A good solicitor understands the system, and knows how to work within it to get the best outcome for you, in the circumstances. For example, in the UK, if you already have 12 points on your licence and you commit another offence you will normally lose your licence.

As you can imagine, for most people, this is a serious problem. Many find themselves unable to travel to work, go shopping or get their children to school.

However, in many cases, an experienced motoring lawyer will be able to put together an ‘exceptional hardship’ defence. An effective defence can allow you to keep your licence, and be punished in another way.

Finding a good motor offence solicitor

As you can imagine, it is important to make sure that any lawyer you hire to help you with a motoring offence knows what they are doing. Hiring a company like motoringoffencelawyers.com, who have a 94% success rate for handling appeals from the magistrate’s courts, will greatly improve your chances of avoiding unnecessarily harsh punishment. They give advice about dealing with notices of intended prosecution and are able to represent drivers who are being prosecuted in Court.

A good solicitor will always offer you a free, or low cost, initial consultation to assess your case. Only the best motoring offence lawyers do this. They are not interested in taking your money for no reason, they want to win, and usually do. This type of lawyer takes pride in their work, and will not waste the client’s time or money by taking on unwinnable cases.

If after reading this, you are still not convinced of the benefits of hiring a motoring offence lawyer, this forum thread will prove enlightening. Reading it will help you to understand how getting a criminal record, including one from driving offences, can have a long-term negative effect on your life. Understanding all of the potential consequences will help you to determine whether hiring a motoring offence solicitor is the best approach for you.

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