Just a small point

ClicheClangerToday ClichéClanger my solicitor rang me “just to check a small point” about one of his cases. I always worry when a solicitor says that because it generally means two things. First, it is probably not a small point or they wouldn’t be ringing counsel in the first place. As OldSmoothie’s inverse rule as to sets of papers says: the smaller they come the longer they’ll take.

Second, by “small point” they actually mean, “please will you do this work for free”. I often wonder what my local supermarket would say if I went in and I said: “Hi there. I use you quite a lot despite all the competition around so do you think you could give me this week’s groceries for free please?”

September 7, 2016 · Tim Kevan · 3 Comments
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  1. Mike - February 26, 2008

    …and the answer on the CFA is ?

  2. lawminx - February 26, 2008

    Awww,diddums, Baby B, only a couple of hours in the library?! Consider your situation but a year ago when hours could easily turn into DAYS!

  3. fresh - February 26, 2008

    Take you two minutes – see the practice direction to CPR part 35 at paragraph 7.6 “Conditional and Contingency Fees”: “Payments conditional…upon the outcome of a case, must not be offered or accepted. To do so would contravene experts’ overriding duty to the court and compromise their duty of independence.”
    White Book, page 984