TheBuskerOut with TheBusker again today with whom I think I’ve learned more in a few days that with UpTights in a few months.  Today he was defending a theft and it all boiled down to whether the prosecution’s witness was credible or not.  Looked pretty clear cut to me on the face of the papers and I said so to TheBusker.

“Nothing’s ever clear cut, BabyB.  Not when it comes to memories.  There’s no smooth little movie being recorded in that head of yours.  It’s all a tapestry of jagged images and sounds, stitched together with imagination.  Watch out for stitches BabyB.  They’ll win you case after case.”

So it was today.  TheBusker was as friendly as you like to the witness, getting her full story in intimate detail.  Then he went back and simply asked,

“And is each part of the evidence you have given as true as the next?”

“Of course,” came the reply.

“Thank you.  Now, If we can just go over a few of these details again…”

As you might have guessed, he’d grasped into thin air and found stitch of the imagination as he’d put it.  She’d given evidence that our client had come from her left.  Turns out that she actually hadn’t seen that but instead had merely assumed it based upon where he was when she first heard the victim’s shouts.  On such details is a man’s liberty determined.

June 28, 2016 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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