TheBuskerWent off to court with TheBusker today.  With him, it’s not always what he says but more the tone and sincerity with which it is said.  The Judge had clearly started against him and seemed in a particularly bad mood. TheBusker’s response?  To smile at the judge and gently lift his spirits.  It was almost like he put on his snake eyes and somehow hypnotised him towards his case.  He started off talking about the weather and his journey here and then went on to a bit of gossip from another court.  Then he moved on to talking about his own client and a couple of quirks in his personality which had nothing to do with the case whatsoever.  Eventually, he came round to mentioning the claim but almost as an aside.  His opponent just sat there getting more and more hot under the collar as there was absolutely nothing he could do as TheBusker strolled slowly over the winning line.  I mentioned this afterwards and he commented,

“It’s not about the law BabyB and a lot of the time it’s not even about the specific facts.  Most of the time it boils down to whether the judge likes your client or not.”

I wouldn’t want to be against TheBusker.

June 14, 2016 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Sarah - September 13, 2007

    TheBusker…. does he ever loose?