AOL Toronto Helps Me Get Back On Track

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I was never a good student in school. I never applied myself or took my classes and studies seriously. I guess that would explain the horrible grades I was getting.  I never considered going to college due to the poor grades I had and my inability to stay focused on my studies. I was lucky to graduate.

After a year of just working here and there at low paying dead end jobs I had a wakeup call. I realized I better get my act together if I ever wanted to do something with my life.  How long can I count on my parents supporting me? It was then that I seriously started thinking about going to school. Not a 4 year college but somewhere that I can learn a trade or a skill that I can find a job and make decent money.

I have to say I did my research on and offline about various schools and programs. I came across a place called Academy of Learning Toronto otherwise known as AOL Toronto. One of my brother’s friend has been going there and he loves it.

I decided to go to one of their open houses to see the campus, the rooms and so on. The location would be perfect for me as it was near where we lived in Toronto. AOL Toronto was founded in 1988 in a great Yorkville location in downtown Toronto.

They have many programs to choose from but the one that I was interested in was the law clerk program. I always found law to be interesting. It may be due to all the shows that I enjoyed watching on TV.

Going to law school was not possible for me but who knows what the future may hold I am still young enough to make it happen. AOL Toronto was extremely helpful with my questions and made sure that all my needs were met. They helped me with a payment plan that was workable which I was happy about.

What I also liked was the class size would be small. This would mean more personal interaction with the professors.  The courses would be structured for today’s job market which is changing all the time.

With a law clerk degree or certification I will have the opportunity to do many different things which would be great. I will not be bored at all. I can work with Corporate Law, Litigation, and Estates and so on.

I have not been this excited about school in a very long time. The prospect of doing something that I like is very new to me. When I started looking for law clerk programs Toronto had to offer I remember seeing AOL pop up all the time. It must have been a signal. I can now make something out of my life. In less than a year I can start my career as a law clerk. How great is that?

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