OldSmoothieAfter a terrible day at court yesterday OldSmoothie had some advice:
‘It’s like snakes and ladders BabyB.  You climb to the top of one ladder only to go hurtling down to the bottom just a few moves later.  Happens to us all.  You may have been a big cheese at university but as the most junior tenant you go back to being pondlife.  Which means that you’ll sometimes get treated as such.  RackItUp might be at the top of the ladder at the moment but give it a couple of years and he’ll be a judge and go hurtling down to the very bottom of the pond and be passed all the cases the others judges never even want to go near.  Just snakes and ladders BabyB.  That’s all it is.’

Small consolation I must say.

May 24, 2016 · Tim Kevan · 4 Comments
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4 Responses

  1. Edward - December 11, 2007

    Well its not much of a silver lining is it…

  2. Sarah - December 12, 2007

    Well BabyB is good at both being a snake and climbing the ladder… so sounds just up his street!

  3. Uncivil Serpent - December 12, 2007

    From QC, pulling down up to £12,000 per day whilst working his minions into oblivion – then onto – Grade 7 judge on £98k/£100k per year… watching someone else’s underlings earn a not-so-small fortune for their master. Quite a tumble. Why would anyone at that level of QCdom want the burden?
    Unless its the lavish expenses that come with the job (top lodgings with domestic staff totalling around £4k per judge week, then there’s car hire at anywhere up to £40k p/a etc), *and* the hope of promotion – with another few £k’s p/a salary; sitting on some juicy, high profile case where said judge sits back and lets the QCs bray on, then neatly sums up at the end looking very learn-ed and the like in the All ER. I wonder what the pension scheme is like for the judiciary?
    What do you think BabyB, could you see OldSmoothie trying for that one day?

  4. Edward - December 12, 2007

    you know the women are quite mean to you. Oh i’m not saying you don’t deserve it, quite the opposite. I’m just glad enough to point it out is all….