How to Dress for a Legal Interview

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When attending an interview for a legal position, how you appear can say a lot about you, your research into the company and how well you will fit into the organization. If you have been lucky enough to be asked for a legal interview, the below tips will help you to decide the most appropriate style to dress.

Dress for the Work, Not the Role
While it can be tempting to dress your best when it comes time for a job interview, it’s important to dress for the work you will be doing and the clients you will be seeing. If you will be representing or be serving clients of legal aid, dress in a way which is both professional and approachable. Wearing expensive pumps and a powerful suit matched with extensive jewelry or watches is likely to set you apart for the wrong reasons and can alienate your potential future clients.

Research the Company
Many firms or legal departments have internal dress codes and policies which will apply should you be accepted for the role. If an interviewer feels that this will be too much of an adjustment for you, it could be to your detriment. If possible, speak with current employees to gauge an idea of the type and style of clothing which the firm would prefer you to wear. At the least, speak with your interviewer in advance and obtain a copy of their policies, and ensure you stay within them.

Of Course, sometimes It’s Time to Dress Up
In contrast to the first tip, there are going to be instances where you will be speaking with businesses or working on legal proceedings for wealthy clients. Accordingly, these firms and their customers will expect you to look your best. This can often be hard for those just starting out and who are yet to earn a substantial income. To get your foot in the door, look to services like the Groupon Coupons page for Swarovski where you can buy expensive jewelry pieces for discounted prices. In keeping with our second tip, these organizations are also likely to have a dress code or policy.

It is not above modern firms to require their female employees always wear stocking and lipstick, along with male employees to always wear a tie, vest and suit jacket along with polished shoes. As mentioned above, obtain a copy of their policy and work within it.

What you choose to wear isn’t going to boost the skills on your resume, but it can certainly detract from them. So do your research, dress for your clients and dress for your hopeful workplace requirements.

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