The Impact of Medical Negligence in the UK [Infographic]

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Medical negligence in the UK is an increasing issue, with the number of cases increasing by 80% since 2008. Numerous commentators have written about the billions of dollars that are spent by the NHS on medical negligence lawsuits each year, but the impacts on the individuals and families who suffer from these mistakes are less in the limelight.

When over 60% of people injured by medical negligence suffer from constant ongoing pain, the impact upon people of medical malpractice is not to be taken lightly. Medical negligence solicitors Patient Claim Line found that people often wait a long time before approaching a lawyer to deal with a medical negligence issue as they don’t want to make a fuss. But these people may face a lifetime of reduced earnings, and a serious injury that never goes away, and the focus needs to shift away from the government coffers, and onto the very real harm that medical negligence causes to individuals and families.


May 5, 2016 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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