OldSmoothieYou’d think with all the money they all earn and the self-important strutting which goes on, that members of chambers would all be blissfully happy. But sadly very often that couldn’t be further from the truth. Today it was OldSmoothie voicing his woes: “You know, BabyB, sometimes I wonder what on earth it’s all about.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like the money and let’s face it, there’s a lot.”  He laughed in an over-weight, greed sort of way. “It’s just the treadmill that goes with it. Fully equipped with expensive wife, big house, school fees and all the other necessities of a middle class life in London. What’s worse is the more you earn, the faster gets the treadmill. You know, only this month I’ve just paid out fifty grand on bills of one kind or another. Okay, it’s a bad month but it’s like the treadmill’s on full speed and I wouldn’t be able to jump off even if I wanted.”

Now don’t get me wrong, OldSmoothie doesn’t represent all lawyers and of course i’m sure there are even some happy lawyers. People who dance to work, whistling a merry tune about time sheets and limitation deadlines. People who actually enjoy taking technical points at the expense of justice or truth and maybe even people who put their clients first.

Well, maybe, anyway.

April 5, 2016 · Tim Kevan · 2 Comments
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  1. Abigail - June 10, 2008

    Why not suggest to him that he sells his big house, gets himself a small place in Ullapool, which is quite cheap, and starts home-schooling his children? It is a very fulfilling lifestyle, and he has already put by enough to retire on at that level.

  2. zina hawkins - June 11, 2008

    babybarista sounds like the cat who did not the cream to lick it!. If her boss is a good barrister and I am sure he must be or else babybarista would not be in his chambers right? so why meow about his personal life although she is confirming what the public already knows about the manipulition of the listing office and the court service etc.
    sounds to me babybarista would like to be in the expensive wife’s shoes & house if she vacates them. case of meow! meow! meow!