Kodi Tired Of Guilt By Association In Piracy Links, Are They Legally Responsible?

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What if someone was using your product as a portal to illegal activity and you couldn’t do anything to stop it? That is exactly what is happening to Kodi, the maker of Internet software. Not directly responsible, the software is allowing millions around the globe to engage in, and to watch, pirated videos illegally.

The media player mogul is being hijacked by watchers to stream pirated content and using their name to promote it. To stop the tarnish of their brand name, they have announced intentions to bring legal action from a local Philadelphia lawyer to halt the use of their media player for the intention of illegally pirated viewing of movies and videos.

Kodi is used for unscrupulous activities specifically because it is good at what it does. The best media player software on the market, it is the most used tool to download content that is supposed to be protected by copyright laws. In a free range arena such as the internet, however, there is no such thing as consequences, or is there?

Used on smart TVs, the software is taking over the streaming media player market. The problem is that they, as well as other media giants like BitTorrent, are being used without their consent or acquiescence. Not directly responsible legally, their software is being associated with practices that they don’t agree with and feel helpless to stop it. BitTorrent Inc’s response has been to disseminate information about the illegality of what users are doing, but Kodi feels the need to go one step further to initiate legal action.

Kodi is just a media player. Being software only, it is unable to carry content. Therefore, it takes another agent to engage in piracy. It allows users the ability to download illegal content that infringes upon copyright laws. Their biggest problem is one of PR. Although not being the company who is responsible for illegal content, users are unaware that they are watching the third party and assume that Kodi is responsible for breaking the law. Tarnished unwittingly, they are seeking to regain their name brand and to stop being known synonymous with cheating and stealing.

Because piracy is illegal and safeguards are in place to stop it, often when users try to see pirated content, the software will malfunction or fail to play, as it should. The problem is that the person who is seeking to watch the content becomes upset with Kodi and assumes that the equipment they supply does not work well, or correctly. It is giving Kodi a bad name all the way around and making their software associated with a bad reputation.

Splashed across the Kodi forum are angry users who are fed up with software that won’t stream the movies they want to watch bad mouthing their company. Completely unaware that it is illegal, or even if they are aware, they are sending out a message to other consumers that the Kodi software isn’t working as it should, when it is working exactly as it should.

Not everyone understands how the software works or what the add-ons are even for. Not aware of the entire process or how many hands are in the mix, they wrongly assume that Kodi is a player that is supposed to deliver movies and is failing. Making matters worse, those who are pushing their pirated videos and have no other vector, are using the Kodi name to advertise their illegal add-ons. Illegally using the Kodi name to solicit an illegal product, the entire process has gotten out of control.

Kodi media players are everywhere, to recall them, or to even stop what is going on, would be like an avalanche and could potentially destroy the company who is an innocent bystander to what is going on. That is why Kodi is setting a course to restore the integrity of their product and to educate people about what they are, what their product is meant to do, and the illegal practice of pirated movies and media.

Suing to preserve the Kodi Trademark, Kodi has the right to seek out and to sue any and everyone who is falsely using their brand and logo to promote illegal movies and videos. A whole lot of wasted time, resources and likely money, it is an enormous hurdle to face. Whether they can weather the legal storm remains to be seen.

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