BabyB LPlate improvedMy opponent was much more senior than me today and it was clear from the off that he didn’t get on with the judge. I’m not sure whether it was his patronising manner or the judge’s irritation which came first but either way it caused such tension that the judge eventually reacted with the following: “It must be a great come down to have to come and argue with the baby bar out here in Medway on such a piffling little case as this one?”

After that the case, for me, was lost. Completely and utterly. My opponent was on the comment in a flash. “Your Honour, this may be a piffling little case as far as you’re concerned but for my client it is the most important thing in his life at present and I would ask that despite your clear prejudice that you give this case the fair hearing it deserves.”

Then ever other sentence rubbed in the words ‘piffling little case’ to the extent that by the end of the hearing the judge was clearly concerned about the prospect of appeal should he find against my opponent.

Which, surprise, surprise, he didn’t.

February 2, 2016 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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