Skeleton arguments

TheBuskerI’m off to watch TheBusker in court tomorrow since I have to say that my occasional visits are teaching me more about courtroom tactics than ever anything I learnt from my wonderful pupilmasters. Then again, TheBoss and Uptights were to say the least, a rum bunch. Anyway, the reason for going is that there is certain to be a performance given that he is pitted against TheCreep. The case is an appeal and skeleton arguments have been ordered to be written. TheCreep’s is hardly either a skeleton or an argument, extending as it does to some thirty-four pages. The Busker only highlighted the absurdity of such a creation for a pretty small personal injury case with a reply of a single sentence: “The appeal is misconceived since it has failed to refer to the binding authority of [case name].”

I look forward to the fight.

October 27, 2015 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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