The True Conveyancing Reality

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As a law student, it can be challenging to find the niche you’d like to spend the rest of your career working in. To help you make your decision, here we evaluate the positives (and, sometimes, negatives) of working in conveyancing law. Do you think this sort of work is for you? Let’s find out!

Client Interaction

A conveyancing lawyer is never lonely. If you’re not interacting with clients, you are liaising with vibrant estate agents. To work in conveyancing, you have to like communicating with people, as you’ll be working with them almost as much as you’ll be working with properties! You’ll also have to master the knack of explaining complicated concepts in simple terms, so other people understand.

Rewarding Work

A home isn’t just bricks and mortar; it’s more than that. This is a hugely meaningful process for your client, and seeing them settled in their dream property starts to mean a lot to you. Their happiness is infectious, and you’re surprised at how much you care about finding them their ideal nest (especially for the clients that you like!) It’s also quite nice to muse over various homes, weighing up their pros and cons.


Conveyancing law is a competitive environment, but you’re never going to be short on work. It’s very easy to be profitable as a conveyancer, so you don’t have to worry about being a penniless lawyer, as long as you work hard. Which leads to…

Working In a Wide Team

It’s likely that you will be working as part of a wide team. If you like the company, then this is fantastic. It also means that you can fall back on a reliable support net, when you take on more than you have time for.


If you really come into your own in a fast-paced environment, conveyancing law is for you. Although this may be a negative for some people, quick, pressured work works well for many others; the days will go by speedily, meaning you’ll blink and it will already be almost home time. Just try to resist the urge to take your work home with you!

You will have plenty of deadlines to meet, and juggling all of your clients can be fairly complicated. However, like anything, you will get the hang of things with time.

The negative side to this? With a stack of files to sift through, it’s unlikely that you will have time for lunch (except at your desk, with the other hand still typing) or breaks – you’ll be down to the wire most days. However, if you were already expecting this, as a law student (many law environments are like this), then it’s not too hard a pill to swallow.

If you’re still uncertain, try out a little work placement at a local conveyancing law firm and see if it suits you.

Would you consider becoming a conveyancing lawyer? Let us know!

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