Is The Social Service System Failing Parents?

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Out of 46,000 mothers, who have had at least one child taken into care, 7,060 have had children repeatedly removed from them. 44% of these parents who have had children taken by the Social Services were teenage mothers. Often, these parents are still suffering from the traumatic repercussions of their own childhood, which haven’t been addressed properly, as there are just not enough services or funding to help them.

The Damage Caused By Lost Children

The emotional damage caused by having children removed from mothers cannot be underestimated. The anguish of the loss is poignant and can lead to mothers continuously having babies to replace those that have been taken from them. Sometimes these babies are even removed at birth. Any mental health problems are often exacerbated by the loss of a child, and the support just isn’t there to help them get back on track. Any parent can understand how tragic and damaging it is to lose children, regardless of the situation.

The Right Thing To Do For The Children, But Where Is The Support For The Parents?

Even though removing children from these homes is the right thing to do, getting these parents the support they need to cope with the loss, and managing the problems that led to this situation, is crucial. Many of these individuals don’t have close friends and family to help them through difficult times; instead, we are abandoning them to further problems in a system that fails parents. Often, these parents are still children themselves.

Charities Oversubscribed

Many parents who have had their children removed are desperate for support, and jump at any chance to help themselves when this aid is provided. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that it’s not. These parents are often not bad people; just victims of their own mental health issues and situation in life. Many of these mothers are deeply damaged by the separation. We run the risk of vilifying parents who are helplessly ruled by mental scars that haven’t been helped to heal.

Charities that have been put in place to help these parents, often find that they don’t have the capacity or the funding to cope with the overwhelming need for support. For a long time, experts have been crying out for change, but with welfare cuts and further welfare cuts to come, it seems unlikely that this issue will be addressed, leading to a continuous stream of children being taken into care and emotionally damaged parents abandoned. Some judges have even reported dealing with cases of mothers losing up to 10 children to care, without any substantial help being offered.

Not only is this costing parents and children’s mental health dearly, but it is costing the taxpayer in unrelentingly full foster homes. Could we not find a better solution to this problem?

If you feel as though your child is being unfairly taken by social services, always seek family law advice from qualified solicitors.

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