Book recommendation: Diary of a Lawyer by Goldie Millan

When her beloved father dies under suspicious circumstances, Liberty Deller finds herself the recipient of a host of mysterious objects, as well as a £500,000 inheritance. Viewing it as the perfect opportunity to uncover the truth behind her father’s death, Liberty joins his old firm—and quickly realises that dark secrets abound. As paralegal to the ruthless Lydia Bammona, Liberty receives a crash course in the moral and ethical limbo that exists at the Yorkshire-based law firm that’s funded by a pair of brothers known as the “Yorkshire Terriors.” Recording her thoughts and one-sided conversations with her deceased father in the diary that he left her, Liberty slowly unravels a tangled web of lies that puts her in increasing amounts of danger. As robed men begin to follow her every move, Liberty falls victim to attempted murder, kidnapping, and more. But what do these mysterious stalkers want? With surprising plot twists that include family drama and a touch of romance, Diary of a Lawyer offers up plenty of suspense for lawyers and mystery lovers, alike.

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