Book recommendation: The Man Who Left by Theresa Weir

THE MAN WHO LEFT is a memoir about the importance of fathers. It’s about the men who leave, and the men who stay. It’s a familiar story. Father leaves his wife and children and never looks back. Theresa Weir was five when her father left his family for a better life with a wealthy socialite. Many years passed with only occasional and grudging contact by Theresa’s father. When Theresa married into a successful farm family, her father resurfaced, but she couldn’t help but be suspicious of his awkward visits. Years later, when the aging socialite dies and Theresa’s father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, people expect Theresa to move to Florida to care for him. A daughter’s duty. This is Theresa’s personal story of a strained and painful father/daughter relationship. What does a daughter owe the father who abandoned her?

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April 24, 2015 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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