Taking the ass out of harrass

“Does anyone know anything about sexual harassment?” asked TheCreep this morning, in the clerks room.
“OldSmoothie’s the expert in that department,” said UpTights smartly.
“It’s not sexual harASSment,” said HeadofChambers, emphasising the last three letters of harass. “Harass rhymes with embarrass and embarrassment’s exactly what you’ll be suffering if you start throwing around that sort of Americanism to an English judge.
“Though to be fair,” said TheVamp, “an employment tribunal isn’t exactly the top of the judicial ladder.”
“And anyway, I think that you’ll find that OldSmoothie has always put the stress on the ass when it comes to harassment,” added UpTights.
“You know,” said TheCreep earnestly interrupting the flow. “I was recently invited to join a Facebook group which called itself the “Sexual Harrassment Action Group…” His voice tailed off as he noticed the silence and the smirks which followed.
“So quiet you can almost hear a penny drop,” said TheBusker with a smile.

January 19, 2015 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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