Sponsorship in court

“With all the cuts being made, I think barristers should be allowed to be sponsored just like any other performer,” said OldSmoothie today.

“What, with you as the face for your local kebab shop?” said UpTights.

“And you as the face of your plastic surgeon. Literally.” He then continued, “I just think it’s a complete waste having these plain black gowns and not being able to put any logos on them.”

“Why stop there?” said TheVamp. “It could be The General Council of the Bar as sponsored by some fizzy drinks company or other.”

“And judges could add the sponsors name to the end of their titles,” said TheBusker. “Lord Bloggs of whatever bank or building society it might be.”

“You can’t possibly have commercial interests diluting the independence of the Bar in that way,” said HeadofChambers.

“And how is it different to the five non-executive directorships you hold on the boards of companies owned by various of your school chums?”

“Er, well, er…”‘ He was struggling for an answer and then a light seemed to come on and he said, “It’s very different, actually. No-one ever knows about the directorships. It’s all about justice being seen to be done even if it’s not always in fact done.”

“Don’t you just love it when witnesses use the word actually,” smiled TheBusker.

“Immediately you figure they’re either lying or at the very least being disingenuous in the extreme.”

“Er, quite,” said TheBusker.

BabyBarista is a fictional account of a junior barrister practising at the English Bar, written by barrister and writer Tim Kevan. For more information and to read posts from the last few years visit babybarista.com. Cartoons by Alex Williams, author of 101 Ways to Leave the Law.

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