The Importance of Email Security and IT support for Law Firms

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IT support and email security are crucial components of law firm activity. Changes in law legislations and the economic downturn mean that today’s law firms face various challenges, and one of the main considerations that have to face is how to cut costs without losing out on efficiency and custom. Confidentiality is something that law firms have to treat with respect at all times, and secure servers and e-mail make it easier to achieve this. There are many law firm IT partners on the market, but it’s always a good idea to shop around before you sign up for anything. You should look for recommendations and talk to any potential partner in depth before you come to a final decision. The more experienced an IT firm is, the better.

Better Confidentiality

E mails are a vital communication tool today, but without the right infrastructure in place, sensitive data can easily fall into the wrong hands. Robust solutions from trusted firms can prevent this from happening. Law firms have to act with respect towards the Data Protection Act, and if they do breach rules about confidentiality they may find themselves in legal trouble themselves. They can even lose their reputation as a result. When choosing an IT support partner, you should always ensure that the solutions they offer are 100% secure. A secure email service can help you to maintain your integrity. The latest email encryption software can stop data falling into the wrong hands, with real-time control being in place even after the email has been sent.

Long-Lasting Relationships

New regulations from the SRA mean that each law firm in the UK has to employ a compliance officer. More and more law firms are realising just how important information security is, and services like PerformIT offering law firm IT support are able to perform a full audit on your existing infrastructure to help make it as robust as possible. They can also help you to send large files securely without confidentiality being breached too. Many IT support firms have built up long-lasting relationships with their clients, with some partnerships being in place for decades.

Challenges Overcome

Removal media also throws up various confidentiality challenges but file encryption software can again help firms to adhere to all regulations faced by them. IT firms can also help you to enjoy a better legal review platform as well as offer ediscovery services and file encryption software. Many law firms have reported an upturn in efficiency, streamlining and finances after entering into partnerships with IT firms. IT firms can also offer hosting too, allowing you to focus on your core business aims whilst systems are maintained and optimised in the background. Many IT firms can offer unique benefits that their competitors cannot – these additional services are always worth looking out for and can give law firms they edge over their rivals too. When it comes to email security and IT support for law firms, it’s always best to shop around.

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