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Mid-life crisis for lawyers

‘I’ve decided to specialise in human rights,’ said OldSmoothie in the clerk’s room today. ‘Will that be for or against?’ asked BusyBody. ‘It’s always been a particular passion of mine and I think it’s about time I started to reflect that in my practice,’ he replied, ignoring her dig. ‘This is just the mid-life crisis […]

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Controlling the narrative

“It’s all about taking control of the narrative,” said TheBusker to a group of pupils yesterday after they’d asked how he always manages to win his cases. “Simplify it down to a clear story and then tell it to the judge at every opportunity.” “Oh, come on,” said TheVamp. “It’s a little more than that […]

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Lawyers are just glorified car mechanics

Brought to you with the support of our friends at The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting “All we are is glorified car mechanics,” said UpTights at Chambers tea today. “Just fixing minor errors caused by solicitors.” “Except not so glorified,” said TheBusker. “Yes, I doubt there’d be many mechanics who’d be pleased with the comparison,” […]

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Selling off the Inns of Court

“I was reading an article recently about barristers’ dinners and it got me thinking once again about who really owns the Inns of Court,” said TheBusker today. “Each Inn owns itself,” said HeadofChambers, “and is run by the Benchers. Particularly well, too, even if I do say so myself.” “I do understand,” said TheBusker. “But […]

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The lawyers always win

As OldSmoothie was walking into the clerks room this morning, everyone could hear him bellowing into his beloved iPhone. “Mother, as I’ve said before, if I only have one wise thing to say in my whole being it is that you should avoid litigation like the plague.” He looked around the room and realising he […]

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