What would happen to Walter White (Breaking Bad) if he were caught?

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Now before you read the rest of this article, let me reassure you that there will be no spoilers as to the final series of the excellent ‘Breaking Bad’ since it’s not released on DVD in this country until 25th November. But whilst awaiting that final series, one thing which might occur to the lawyers among the fans of the series is what would happen to Walter White if he were caught?

Well, the first thought might be as to the actual charges he might face and for each country viewing, the lawyers (such as those at Prime Lawyers in Australia) might well be able to list the various offences which might have been committed if he’d been operating in their jurisdiction. So what would he face if he’d been operating in England rather than across the Atlantic? Depending upon the facts and evidence, there would likely be a long list of contenders ranging from murder and other offences of violence through to the production and supply of drugs, namely methamphetamine or crystal meth. He might also face investigation in relation to money laundering offences under Part 7 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 along with other possibilities such as perverting the course of justice.

But really, if we’re thinking about what would actually happen to the lead character in this fictional series if he were caught, it’d likely lead to a whole new spin-off series – or two. First off, there’d be the legal proceedings. Well, that’s definitely one to entertain the lawyers, particularly when Walt and his sidekick lawyer Saul Goodman would probably go about trying to corrupt the system in one form or another. This might be jury-tampering, it might be corrupting the opposition’s lawyers or even targeting the judge. But knowing Walt, it’d probably end up as some sort of an incredibly sophisticated scheme whereby he stole evidence from the other side and destroyed evidence which might cause harm whilst at the same time pitting each of his opponents against each other.

But let’s assume that despite his best (or perhaps worst) efforts, he failed and was ultimately sentenced to life in prison. What would happen next? Naturally, he’d set about taking on the prison establishment. The guards and of course the governor. Maybe even the politicians who run the prison service. All through a mixture of corruption such as bribery and the use of and threat of the use of force. In doing so, he’d probably also start to run any illicit business which was going on within the prison itself. In fact he’d probably use one scheme to tame the prison warders as part of a separate scheme to take control of the illicit side.

But that certainly wouldn’t satisfy him and I imagine what he’d need would be to escape. But not merely an over the wall type of escape. No, the ego which is Walter White would want to walk out of the prison gates a free man. How on earth he’d do that, only the writers of the series would be able to tell you.

So, what would happen to Walter White if he got caught? He’d do what he’s done so far (or as far as I’ve watched): he’d survive.

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