The legalities of divorce

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Going through a divorce is a difficult and emotional time but the various legalities you must go through can make this even more complicated. From dividing assets to organising finances and determining custody for any children, there are countless legal areas to consider.

As such, it can often help to break this down into smaller areas and be aware of what you may have to go through. This is a lot easier with professional assistance; legal help can act as a mediator between two individuals and argue your case for you.

Skilled and professional assistance is not hard to come by and you should always look for a local service. Birketts have specialist divorce solicitors in Norwich, for example, and this can prove very useful for those based in the surrounding areas – but what sort of legalities can you expect to face with a divorce?


When separating by divorce, it’s important to determine who owns what. Dividing an estate up is a complicated process and there are various ways to legally argue ownership of something.

There are other factors which can make it a very complicated process. This is especially true when the two individuals are in disagreement over certain subjects. Monetary value can be used to determine a lot of someone’s estate but some assets have sentimental value which may be more important to the parties involved.


Although referring to someone’s estate and assets generally includes money, it is worth mentioning separately. Money is often important to a lot of people and, again, it’s a difficult legal area when going through divorces.

This is often caused by joint bank accounts and other areas where money is owned or accessed by two people regardless of who contributed what. The more money there is, the more there is to potentially dispute and the more problems which can arise.


Finally, the most difficult and sensitive area has to be where children are involved. This is a difficult area that can, understandably, get emotional at times. It also involves various legal aspects outside of divorce law, such as social care.

This is another strong argument for obtaining legal support when going through a divorce. These services can fight to get you the best results possible as well as explain and highlight how the courts may view things about your own situation.

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