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Any self-respecting modern law firm will produce documents on all sorts of paper types: expensive headed paper, draft copy paper, duplex, pdf etc.  Our product is Legal advice and even in the days of email we are still required to convey this on paper to our clients.

Our offices are now occupied by an array of multi-function printers that can do all sorts of clever printing. Two sided or duplex on a variety of paper sources selected from lots of different paper tray. Wonderful as this is it creates a specific problem when we decide to print a document from Microsoft Word.  When ready to print we need to remember a sequence of complex settings to output the document to the correct tray. We need to know which tray is which and be sure it is loaded correctly with the correct paper tray. If we get any of these steps wrong its wasted time and paper and a lot of frustration. The expletives which emanate from around the printer when the document comes out on the wrong paper can keep the company swear box topped up for weeks.

Tray Selector is a small and ingenious solution to this problem.  Once loaded into Microsoft Word it allows you to pre-configure your print jobs and assign each one to a button in your toolbar or ribbon bar.  When these buttons are clicked the document is printed in exactly the right way first time and every time.  Each button can be set to select particular trays so that output can be sent to say first page to headed paper and the rest to plain followed by a copy all on plain.  The buttons are given friendly names to remind us what they do e.g. “Headed + Copy”. Tray Selector allows up to 12 buttons.

Suppose in order to save paper you want to print your letters duplex. The first page should be duplex but select paper from the headed paper tray other pages should come from the plain paper tray. In addition to this you wish to print a copy all to plain again duplex. To do this it is quite straightforward. You just configure a printer driver to always print duplex and with a few short clicks setup a button in Tray Selector and call it “letter-duplex”. In a single click your output will be printed that way each time every time.  This alone can save a busy office thousands of pounds a year.

There are loads of other bells and whistles including envelope printing, mail-merge, duplex, calling macros before and after printing, watermarking copies, support for Citrix and Terminal Services. In addition Tray Selector comes with a year’s free product support and upgrades.

Every now and again a simple little time saving bit of software comes along which makes your life that little bit easier. Tray Selector won’t solve the problems of the world or provide an extensive document management system. What it does do though is save time, paper and frustration and in so doing will pay for itself time and time again. Unlike many other products one can buy there is absolutely no risk in trying out Tray Selector. It is available on a fully functional 30 day trial basis. The price is a very reasonable £20/$30 per user as a one off cost (no maintenance bills). The company will also provide you with a free online demo to get you up and running. You can get more information from and download a free trial from the site and get started.  There are tens of thousands of users out there now and the company has never refunded a single license fee despite offering a money back satisfaction guarantee.

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