Introducing ‘Defending Elton’, a new legal thriller by TJ Cooke

A big heads up for the new legal thriller by TJ Cooke called Defending Elton which is launched today.  I thoroughly enjoyed TJ Cooke’s last book Kiss and Tell finding it to be “a crime thriller with soul and a page-turner to boot.” You can buy ‘Kiss and Tell’ as either a paperback or on Kindle at where it also gives the following information about the book:

“TV scriptwriter TJ Cooke has come up with a highly original concept, and a gripping plot. The story revolves around maverick London lawyer Jim Harwood, his on-off relationship with work colleague Loren, and his whirlwind romance with the beautiful yet enigmatic Sarena.  Jim is instantly smitten by Sarena, a Sri Lankan beauty who is in London to further her studies. However, with a jealous Loren on their tail, their dalliance comes to a sudden and catastrophic end, one which Jim fears might see both him and Loren charged with murder. Though Sarena’s demise was accidental, Jim knows that to a jury it will look like a classic ‘love triangle’ murder. He reckons he has no option but to distance both Loren and himself from the crime scene, and does so by providing the police with both an alternative scenario and a far more likely suspect… …Enter the hapless Elton Spears, an unhinged and gullible ‘care in the community’ patient. Jim knows that Elton is potentially dangerous, and that he has committed previous crimes which might suggest he’s the likely assailant. He seems the perfect patsy. Indeed, Jim seems to have all bases covered… not only has he used all his criminal law experience to frame Elton, but he represents him too, thereby having control and conduct of his case… Jim’s strategy to escape from criminal culpability seems as risky as it is reprehensible, and when things start to go wrong at Elton’s murder trial he not only regrets his actions but seeks a path to redemption.  Meanwhile the unpredictable Elton starts to recall details which suggest that Jim is covering his tracks. Jim also fears that Loren might have her own agenda, one which will see Jim carry the can whilst she emerges unscathed… but it’s the suggestion that some other unknown and altogether darker forces are at play which causes Jim to worry even more. Haunted both by his actions and his past, Jim finds that his efforts to ‘put things right’ are overtaken by events. He may have cleverly outwitted the authorities, and skilfully manipulated the system, but playing with truth can be a very dangerous game…  Described as a ‘devilishly clever and inventive tale’ and a ‘tense and edgy thriller’ Defending Elton is full of neat twists and turns, which keep you guessing how things will turn out, right to the unexpected end. Fay Samuels”

April 2, 2013 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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