Book Recommendation: The Best of “Queens Counsel”

The very best of Steuart and Francis’s Queen’s Counsel. Everything you wanted to know about the law but didn’t want to pay £300 an hour to find out!

Lawyers affect the lives of us all, whether through buying a house, getting a divorce, making a will – or being forced to sit next to one at a dinner party. This book is for everyone who wants to get their own back.

Queen’s Counsel is the successful strip cartoon which appears every Tuesday in the law pages of The Times. Its good-natured satire on lawyers and the legal system has made it compulsory reading among members of the legal profession.

The Best of Queen’s Counsel brings together the funniest and most popular moments of Steuart and Francis’s continuing saga of life among the tennants of 4 Lawn Buildings: head of chambers Sir Geoffrey Bentwood; aspiring head of chambers Edward Longwind; idealistic, downtrodden pupil barrister Helena; and solicitor Richard Loophole.

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