Book review: ‘Ghostman’ by Roger Hobbs – the next Lee Child!

I have to admit that when a book is as hyped as this one with even Lee Child recommending it, I was left both incredibly curious as well as just a little concerned that it might not live up to expectations. But there was absolutely no need to worry. This book is a first rate thriller and grabs you right from the off. Roger Hobbs has found his voice with his first novel and I have to say that it’s both as clear as that of John Grisham and as compelling as that of Lee Child himself. He’s also given life to a character about whom I hope to be reading more for many years to come.

Just by way of introduction, the Ghostman is the man those in the know call in to do the clear up when a heist goes wrong. In this case it’s in Atlantic City and the organiser calls in a favour from the so-called Ghostman who is sometimes called Jack. This is a man who is all but invisible to very nearly the whole world and wherever he happens to go leaves no fingerprints (literally). I don’t want to spoil the plot by going into it much more but suffice it to say that I really couldn’t recommend this book more highly. This is most definitely written by someone about whom we are going to be hearing a lot more in the future. You can buy it at

February 13, 2013 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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