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“There’s one thing I always say about life in the law and that’s always to expect the unexpected,” said OldSmoothie today.
“What like ageing, fat barristers not spouting clichéd advice to pupils?” said BusyBody.
“Or judges not having got out of bed on the wrong side,” said TheVamp.
“Or witnesses who avoid ridiculous inconsistencies,” said UpTights.
“Ushers who are not stressed,” said TheCreep.
“Solicitors who pay up on time,” said HeadClerk.
“Law students who don’t mention mooting every five minutes,” said OldSmoothie.
“Pupils who have mastered the understatement,” said HeadofChambers.
“Or QCs who don’t patronise their juniors,” said BusyBody.
“How about an opponent who isn’t using the ICLR?” said TheBusker.
TheVamp raised her eyebrows in horror. “Now that really does give me a surprise every time it happens. I mean, despite all the advice and for that matter even a Practice Direction I’m still bowled over whenever I find them not using the ICLR online.”
“Kind of like being awarded a penalty in the first minute of the game,” said Teflon.
“More like an own goal,” said TheVamp, “given that you’ve pretty much scored with the judge from the off.”

On Monday 3rd December Tim Kevan will be taking part in a discussion as part of the ICLR Encounters series of events with animator and cartoonist Alex Williams and writer and academic Professor Gary Slapper. The title is ‘Making Light of the Law’ and it will run from 6.30pm to 9.30pm at The Law Society. You can sign up for free here.  

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