Travel – just one industry that requires specialist legal advice

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To the man in the street, a lawyer is someone who helps you to buy and sell property, sorts out divorces, manages wills, represents people in court and chases up bad debts. Most of us only have experience of local firms of solicitors who routinely do this kind of work but, higher up the scale, there are highly specialised practices which focus on commercial aspects of law that very few of us ever come into contact with.

These are the firms who keep the wheels of commerce spinning by drawing up complex documentation like business agreements, employment contracts and Terms & Conditions, the dreaded “small print” that we all come across at some time or another. Quite clearly, these documents require in-depth knowledge of specific types of industries so it is no surprise that so many law firms with large commercial departments tend to specialise in certain sectors where their clients know they don’t have to go through a major education process every time they want a job done.

In London, for example, you will find law firms in the West End who specialise in local sectors like advertising and the media while, in the City, they might focus on the Stockmarket, Insurance and Shipping sectors which tend to be concentrated in that area.

Outside of the capital, there are similar situations where law firms tend to have specialist knowledge of local sectors. In the Gatwick Airport area of West Sussex, for instance, the focus is obviously on travel and aviation since many of the industry’s biggest movers and shakers are located there.

This can be a hugely complex industry when it comes to regulation and interaction with overseas jurisdictions and companies looking for associated legal advice need to know that the law practice they use are fully acquainted with the regulatory landscape and documentation required for the millions of flights and packaged holidays taken by Britons each year. They also need to be completely au fait with the specially tailored employment contracts required by aircrew.

It is difficult to imagine any old provincial legal practice being able to take on this sort of menu which would be all in a day’s work for a law firm specialising in the travel industry :

  • Travel technology: back-office systems, booking/notification infrastructures, website structure, data protection compliance, protection of intellectual property
  • Commercial agreements and bookings: Booking terms and conditions, supplier agreements, agency and distribution arrangements
  • Recovery & insolvency: tour operator restructures and turnaround, impact of supplier failure, directors personal liabilities
  • Employment: flight crew terms and conditions, overseas employment issues, trade union negotiations, training
  • Corporate support: mergers and acquisitions, acquisition finance and lending, MBOs, joint ventures
  • Dispute resolution: fraud, bribery and financial investigations, corporate manslaughter, defending claims, international asset recovery, shareholder disputes

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