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There are many obvious things you shouldn’t do in a job interview that are part of the standard advice you are given – swear, chew gum etc. but there are some things you should definitely stay away from if you are interviewing for a job in law:

1. Don’t open with a bad legal joke
Don’t treat you’re interview as a stand-up routine. Yes, everyone likes a bit of humour and sometimes it can give you an edge, but do you really need to ask your interviewer “How many solicitors does it take to change a light bulb…?”

2. Don’t say “I ran two red lights to get here on time!”
Don’t be late, but certainly don’t break the law to get there on time! (However, if you need some advice about pursuing an appeal, you’re in the right place.)

3. Don’t arrive in full Barrister attire
Ok, so you’re really serious about getting that pupillage? Don’t arrive in full court dress. It’s not big and it’s not clever! First impressions are everything, so think carefully about how you present yourself.

4. Don’t ask, “So… what type of law do you specialise in?”
You should know everything about your prospective employer already. Silly questions just won’t do. Make sure your queries are the right ones.

5. Don’t admit your secret Judge Judy obsession…
Don’t underestimate those seemingly insignificant questions, like: “What’s your favourite TV show?” Even the smallest, throwaway comments can reveal much about your personality. Admitting you’re a big fan of Judge Judy is probably not the way to go.

Thanks to Anna Gibbons, Corporate Communications Manager at the Sellick Partnership. Sellick Partnership is a legal recruitment agency with offices in six locations around the UK. They can give you sound advice on your next career move, including tips on job interviews, CVs and more.

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